Askov Finlayson and Fair State Brewing join forces


By the minneapolis egotist / / Askov Finlayson has partnered with Fair State Brewing to brew Keep the North Cold, a beer that uses all Minnesota-grown ingredients. As of this afternoon, you can wet your whistle with one of these bad boys at Bachelor Farmer, Marvel Bar, and Fair State’s taproom. Better yet? The beer supports agricultural solutions to climate change. We’ll cheers to that. Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on these cans until May.


  1. Anonymous January 20, 2018

    Where is Fair States Taproom
    Where is Fair States Taproom

  2. The Minneapolis Egotist January 20, 2018

    2506 Central Ave
    2506 Central Ave NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55418

  3. Anonymous January 20, 2018

    Looks great. Who did the
    Looks great. Who did the design work? Didn’t spot a mention?

  4. The Minneapolis Egotist January 21, 2018

    AF’s internal team, according
    AF’s internal team, according to the rumors.