#ConversationCouch: Barb Abney


By rizeabove / / Recently, Sarah Edwards, founder of I AM MPLS!, I AM ST. PAUL and I AM Kindness and Co-Director of Fashion Week MN, partnered with the film company Acowsay Cinema on a project. “I have been doing a lot of thinking about how much culture drives companies’ success and the value of engaged employees working towards their passion with the necessary skills + talent.” says Sarah. “I think the idea of a resume is old. They don’t communicate the “Why”. Why do we do what we do? What would happen if more people were employed and working toward their passion?” Sarah was personally saddened when Barb Abney, popular Twin Cities radio DJ, was let go from 89.3 The Current and then from Go 96.3. “I thought about how hard it must be for someone with such a specific talent to find a job in a small market. But that’s not to say she doesn’t have big ideas and dreams for herself. This can’t be communicated via a piece of paper. She has touched millions of lives with her unique ability to connect.” So, Sarah reached out to Barb to see if she would do a video and let her interview and asked her friends at Acowsay Cinema if they would partner on an ongoing project. This is the pilot of “Conversation Couch“. The goal is to create a connection platform that connects talent with employers in a meaningful, culture-driven way. “We aren’t trying to have too many expectations right away as we believe it will be an iterative, learning process but are excited to be part of a community that when someone needs help. You help.”

I AM Sarah Edwards + acowsay cinema present // Conversation Couch // Barb Abney // Minneapolis, MN from acowsay on Vimeo.