Moth Oddities Goes on a Vintage Adventure


By rizeabove / / Meet Yana Pietras and Ian O’Neill. They are co-founders of Moth Oddities, a Minneapolis-based online shop that specializes in vintage fashion and handmade goods. “Our items are handpicked and highly curated. We seek out the wildest, most fashion forward trends from past to present and focus on breathing new life into the peculiar items that would normally get lost in the attic.” Moth Oddities also strives to support the creative community by providing a space where Contributing Artists can share, promote, and sell their work. “We promote the importance of purchasing vintage and recycled goods to help reduce wasteful, fast-fashion trends, keep the money in the community, and encourage creativity.” Recently, they completed a nation-wide road trip. “We were on the road for four months and traveled the entire perimeter of the United States – collecting vintage along the way, conducting photo shoots in beautiful places and collaborating with creatives and makers around the country.” Relive their trip (pictures and all) here: As a welcome home from their trip, they are inviting everyone to A Vintage Adventure, a pop-up event that will take place on Friday, April 22nd from 5:30pm – 8:30pm at findfurnish in Northeast, Minneapolis. They will be featuring the hundreds of vintage items that they’ve collected on the road trip. Be sure to hit up this event: And, be sure to stop by and shop till you drop. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: