Thursday Tour: @KNOCKinc


By rizeabove / / KNOCK is a creative agency inspired by what’s next. “Next” is the operative word, here. It’s what drives everything they do—including interpreting a new workspace beyond mere expectedness. While a physical expansion was necessary due to agency growth, KNOCK wanted to evolve it mindfully, too. They asked themselves how they could design an intentional environment that encourages creativity and mobility through shared experiences for employees and clients alike. Thanks to their partnership with Christian Dean Architecture, the manifestation of a smart, modern, collaborative space came to life: one that balances form and function—and the feeling that, “hey, this is a pretty fun place to be.” The agency’s structure—located along Glenwood Avenue in the emerging West Market District—is framed in an industrial façade of metal, wood and glass, and invites one inside where a white, open canvas of possibility reveals itself. And with possibility comes greater purpose. The heart of the space includes multiple workstations that encourage connectedness. It’s the lifeblood of their craft—where strategizing, researching, designing and writing all come together. Adjustable desks allow one to sit or stand on the spot. Insulated booths and high-top tables allow for spontaneous meet-ups or solo quiet time. And the outer offices and conference rooms promote more defined areas for cross-functional thinking, complete with glass wall boards as usable creative surfaces and tricked-out technology. Overall it’s a scalable incubator for thinking and making. Part sharing, part personal—all productive. Rewind to the front concierge area and one is greeted with the animated KNOCK icon. It’s a symbol that reminds their to be open to change—to think differently. Further inside, a large projection area (that’s also home to a state-of-the-art kitchen) offers a long bar-height family table. It’s the hub of all-company meetings, lunches and social hours. Essentially, a space to dial up or down, depending on the mood of the moment and the need of the hour. From top-down and all around, KNOCK has created a culture that makes “what’s next” second nature. If that wasn’t enough to get you all pumped up, check out these shots of their space. #AgencyPorn