Fresh Meat Friday: Stacey Shaller


By rizeabove / / Meet Stacey. She’s a designer and art director at Peterson|Probst. In Stacey’s short time in the industry, she’s been taken aback by what some of the smaller shops around town are doing. She’s worked with companies big and small but is definitely interested in helping small businesses thrive through her design and advertising expertise. She first discovered graphic design during college at Madison and immediately fell in love with type. And that’s when she knew she found her calling. After graduating, she interned at Fallon and continued to build her portfolio at Brainco. Now, onto her work… Toss Restaurant Identity: Stacey created every aspect of this here thing. From her original doodles to the finished product, Stacey brought it all to life. Arco Font: While studying abroad in Seville, Spain, Stacey wanted to create something to express the amazing culture there. This was the perfect way for her to do so. Arco is a handmade font inspired by Islamic-style architecture commonly found in Seville. And lest we forget her award-winning work at The One Show Young Ones 2012 for “Buy a Racehorse a Better Life.” To see all of Stacey’s work, head this-a-way: