Adidas Well-Designed NitroCharge TV Spot


By rizeabove / / It’s not often that you call a TV ad “well-designed” since most of them tend to be shot. Yet, the interplay of this new ad for Adidas’ NitroCharge soccer shoes by United State of Fans\TBWA utilized a great interplay of cuts that highlights the power of the shoe with well paced, edits of various metaphors of “fast.” The ad, directed by Tristan Patterson/Smuggler with music produced by Nikolai von Sallwitz (AKA Taprikk Sweezee), mirrors the idea of ‘The Engine’ with a fast paced, energetic concept edited by Charlie Harvey of Whitehouse Post that brings this player, and the shoe, to life. Check out the list of creative credits after the jump. “NitroCharge” Adidas – United State of Fans\TBWA Creative Credits Executive Creative Director: Ben Hartman Creatives: Ben Hartman (Copywriter), Martin van de Heu (Art Director), Nikolaus Ronacher (Art Director & Design), Jason Schragger Global Director of Strategy: Bart van der Vliet Client Service Director: Geoff Coyle Strategy Manager: Ruben Beijer Account Director: Manos Magoulas Sr. Account Manager: Brenda Rangel Account Executive: Robert Ruijgrok Executive Film Producer: Michael MacMillan Print Producer: Maria Perez Production Company: Smuggler Director: Tristan Patterson Director of Photography: George Richmond Executive Producer: Chris Barrett Producer: Ray Leakey Editing: Whitehouse Post, London Editor: Charlie Harvey Assistant Editor: Iain Whitewright Postproduction: Glassworks Amsterdam Executive Producer: Armand Weeresinghe Lead Flame Artist: Morten Vinther Flame Artists: Lise Prud Home, Kyle Obley Flare Artist: Bob Roijen 3-D Artist: Diego Ghirardo Colourist: Scott Harris Music: Master composition and track: Nikolai Von Sallwitz Mix and Sound Design: Wave Recording Studios Sound Design and Mix: Alex Nicholls-Lee, Randall Macdonald Print: Hero Photography: Photographer: Gary Prior (Alves) Agency: Holland Hoogte (De Rossi) Agency: Press Association (Martinez) Agency: Getty (Lavezzi) Print: Product Photography Photographer: Maarten Wouters Photographer: David Ramos 1st Photo Assistant: Denis Doyle Re-Touch: Mont Blanc, Amsterdam Re-Toucher: Theo van der Laan Producer: Willem Koster