Fresh Meat Friday: Coleman Iverson


By rizeabove / / Get ready, we’re about to share another one of the top young creatives in the Twin Cities. If you, or a youngin’ you know, have roughly between 0-5 years of professional experience and a fantastic book. For all the glory send the info to: [email protected] Our slab on the block this week is a sculptor, painter, Design Student Alumni Board leader, caricature drawer, account manager, and a designer. Twin Cities meet Coleman Iverson a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota’s College of Design. One of our favorite stories of his is how he fell in love with this career field, Coleman told us, “When I was in 8th grade I got a caricature done at a local fair, and thought hey I could do that. The next day I drew one of my mom, which caused her jaw to drop and the rest was history. I took every art class my high school had to offer, sold paintings and portraits throughout high school, and started looking at all the art colleges in Minnesota. I loved painting, drawing, and sculpting and wanted to find a way to mix my love for art with business. . .” Even though Coleman just graduated with a BFA in design he already has been doing freelance traditional and web design for the past three years. One of the best attributes of him though is the fact that Coleman isn’t afraid to take on new tasks and learn as he goes. In fact he said, “I have interned for a local ticket agency called Perfect Tix, doing branding, social media strategy, and web content management. I am currently working their full time as an account/project manager. I still do freelance work and am working on designing a few websites for small Minnesota business and brand identities for some startups in Minneapolis.” He currently is working as an Account Manager for Perfect Tix and is regularly looking for freelance design to sink his teeth into. What attracted us to featuring drew was not only his ability to take on any task and enthusiasm to learn; but, also the fact that his portfolio isn’t quite like traditional advertising and designer types. While most seem to have been prescribed the mediums to work within on their projects, it almost seems as if Coleman chose the best solution for each business problem. In one instance it was a traditional campaign, in another it was a mobile app, and in another still it was a great design reboot. Yet, each feels like it uniquely fits the audience he is intended to go after. When asked about his future plans in the industry Coleman told us, “I hope to own my own business. They are currently in the works. In five years I can see myself owning a surf company based out of Hawaii that designs custom decals for surfboards, long boards, and snowboards, as well as clothing and gear. Not only would I be designing but I would be able to test the products doing the things I love, and who could complain about living in 365 days of tropical weather. If that doesn’t happen I know for sure that I will be innovating for the rest of my life.” Check out more of Coleman’s work after the jump. Also check out our last two features: Justin Orris, a design intern at Baker Design and Beth Sicheneder, a design intern at Orangeseed. Arm N Hammer – Advertising & Branding Campaign Arm N Hammer provides a premium line of trusted cleaning and personal care products that are designed to be environmentally conscious. This is a re-brand of the classic Arm And Hammer, now marketed towards a younger and wealthier target audience. Bombora – Advertising & Branding Campaign bom·bor·a: Indigenous Australian term for a dangerous eddy or wave over a hidden reef. Here at Bombora, we strive to create the latest trends in beachwear and gear for young surfers, skaters and snowboarders, by designing products with the latest technologies to keep you at the top of your game. iSpy – Mobile App A new twist on a classic game. This new app allows you to play iSpy with friends on your mobile devices. Simply snap a pic of something cool, write a clue, mark the location, set a timer, and send it to some friends “detectives”. Detectives must race each other in their investigations to get there first and beat the timer to win points. Once the detective has found the object, they simply snap a pic of it and send it for verification. Now everyone can be a detective just like Sherlock Holmes. Eros – Product, Packaging, & Campaign If you’re caught off guard without fresh breath or protection don’t worry, Eros Breath Mints + has your back. With three exhilarating flavors that will entice your taste buds you’ll be ready for any time of day. One lubricated latex condom is included on the back of every pack of mints, for wherever life takes you. Stay Fresh.


  1. Anonymous August 23, 2013

    Those mints are awesome!
    Those mints are awesome!

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    This dude’s website seems to
    This dude’s website seems to be pretty much copied from Big Human’s site:

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    They look the same because
    They look the same because they are both using squarespace as their platform. View > Page Source next time.

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    Using the same hosting


    Using the same hosting platform is completely excusable, but if you’re an IAD you should be customizing your FED code rather than using a Squarespace template verbatim…

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    With institutions like a university its not always clear what the economic link might be with a resilient community; and the permaculture movement is very messy and hard to organise amongst.