Fresh Meat Friday: Beth Sicheneder


By rizeabove / / Get ready, we’re about to share another one of the top young creatives in the Twin Cities. If you, or a youngin’ you know, have roughly between 0-5 years of professional experience and a fantastic book. For all the glory send the info to: [email protected] Our fresh cut this week is an illustrator, designer, typographer, and recipient of the Larson Scholarship at the annual AIGA Portfolio 1-on-1 event that was held a few months ago. Twin Cities meet Beth Sicheneder, a design intern at Orangeseed. Beth was inspired to pursue a career in the field when she fell in love with the process behind designing. She told us, “From the thrill of starting with a blank sketchbook to the satisfaction of holding the finished product, and all of the hard work in between. I love design because I get to work with possibilities. With each new set of visual problems comes a limitless amount of possible solutions. Sure, there are plenty of limitations too, but it’s finding the possibilities within the limitations that I find most rewarding.” Beth got her start in the field through studying design at the University of Wisconsin-Stout followed by getting her feet wet working as a designer for the college’s housing department. Although Beth doesn’t know where she’ll be in five years she told us, “. . .as long as I am doing creative work with people who are as passionate as I am about it, I’ll be happy. I do see myself staying in Minneapolis — I just love the design community here!” Lucky for us though because her work shows a nice balance of styles and approach that appear to showcase her adaptability to truly design for the project instead of being stuck to one style. Don’t take our word for it though, check out her work after the jump. Check out more of Beth’s work after the jump. Also check out our last two features: Jordan B. Anderson, a designer currently looking for his first opportunity and Justin Orris, a design intern at Baker Design. Native Focus Native Focus is a unique travel guide that helps the world explorer find new, off-the-beaten-path travel destinations. By adopting the local point of view, this travel guide allows users to abandon the tourist packs and immerse themselves in native spaces, making travel a richer and more informed experience. Emerson Poster: Drink the Wild Air This is a screen printed poster designed for an AIGA student fundraiser. A favorite Ralph Waldo Emmerson quote sets the score. Associated British Foods Annual Report This is a re-design of the 2011 annual report for Associated British Foods. As a multi-billion dollar company that spans the globe Beth wanted to make their annual report approachable by giving it more of a tactile feel that ties back to the roots of the food as it is planted, harvested, and collected. A system of icons was developed to represent the five different sectors that make up their business. The company incorporates sustainably-minded processes and packaging in their development and distribution of food, and the paper choice, book size and simplicity of color palette aim to portray this. WSD Posters These posters were a student project created as promotional pieces for the Whanganui School of Design. The tagline is “A unique voice in design education”.