Fresh Meat Friday: Justin Orris


By rizeabove / / Get ready, we’re about to share another one of the top young creatives in the Twin Cities. If you, or a youngin’ you know, have roughly between 0-5 years of professional experience and a fantastic book. For all the glory send the info to: [email protected] Our slab on the block this week is an illustrator, dabbler in photography, graphic designer, and a huge death metal fan. Twin Cities meet Justin Orris, a design intern at Baker Design. Justin just recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Graphic Design. When we asked what drove him into this creative career filed he told us that it all started, “. . .one day near the start of high school my dad gave me the Adobe creative suites design package. I instantly fell in love, I mean come on art and technology in perfect harmony. It was my calling, It spoke out to me like nothing ever had before. After just a year of playing with the programs I got cocky and tried my hand at making logos, creating signs, and posters. Any project I could get my hands on.” While in school he cut his teeth doing quite a bit of freelance under the name Blue Ox Illustration and Design for an interesting mix of clients ranging from the ARDL labs from the U of MN to making designs for local shops like Hideaway. Justin also held an internship at The Ice Cream Bar inc. aka BLENDS, It’s the Original Liquor Ice Cream. Now he currently is cranking out design work as an intern at Baker Design. What excited us about Justin’s work was his dramatically varied styles and sense of experimentation found in his work which includes everything from a death metal inspired illustration for a brew titled, “Dark Omen” to a refreshed poppy, clean design for a hypothetical Grain Belt rebrand. Justin’s long term goal is to open his own shop; but at the moment he really is focused on learning and growing. “I try to mix it up as much as I can, I hope to try and work at a smaller firm so I am able to use my skills across the board,” said Justin. He continued, “A designer I look up to is Laura Anderson and she once told me a large company is like wearing one hat, where at a smaller company you wear many hats. I want to wear all the different hats, It’s more fun that way.” Check out more of Justin’s work after the jump. Also check out our last two features: Ashley Hohnstein, a design intern at FAME retail and Jordan B. Anderson, a designer currently looking for his first opportunity. Grain Belt Redesign The Grain Belt Beer re-design was a project involving branding and identity of an established brand wanting to expand current users by keeping the basic design elements, to keep current users, while attracting new users to the brand. QuickDraw Package Design QuickDraw is a packaging project for a redesign of a product intended for outdoor use. The product is a rubber band gun that includes a shooting target that the original packaging did not have. Vinhost This design project is for a product of Justin’s own invention – apparel for the modern urban hipster. The primary branding concern was to show a bit of personal taste and a design style that is unique to BlueOx Design that makes its style as unique as the Vinhost brand. Dark Omen Brewery Dark Omen was a packaging project to hold and contain beer bottles. Which meant efficient use of available space for the labels for required information to design the box to merchandise the brand.


  1. Anonymous August 10, 2013

    So damn good. He’s gonna do
    So damn good. He’s gonna do great things.

  2. Anonymous August 10, 2013

    some really fresh looks!
    some really fresh looks!

  3. Mark Anderson August 19, 2013

    Justin is the man. I work
    Justin is the man. I work with him at BAKER and he’s already a great addition to the team.

  4. frankeinstien February 18, 2015

    Wow Justin is a great man
    Wow Justin is a great man with good creative thoughts on the art. I like the way he designed his pages. The illustrators are so creative people who can make the designs of the life through their canvas.Bearpaws bootsAwesome Justin keep it up.