Fresh Meat Friday: Jordan B. Anderson


By rizeabove / / Get ready, we’re about to share another one of the top young creatives in the Twin Cities. If you, or a youngin’ you know, have roughly between 0-5 years of professional experience and a fantastic book. For all the glory send the info to: [email protected] Our fresh cut this week is a writer, illustrator, gif maker, and graphic designer. Twin Cities meet Jordan B. Anderson, a recent graduate from the Post-Baccalaureate Graphic Design program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design who is on the hunt for his first creative post. Like many that go through the Post-Baccalaureate program, Jordan started his career on a much different path. He told us, “Way back in 2003, I received my first degree in English. Naturally, I intended to write the Great American Novel. After being confronted by the realities of the marketplace, I spent my 20s working in corporate merchandising. I discovered (to my relative surprise) that the highlight of my work-week was the 2 hours in which I designed basic ad layouts.” That of course lead him to study design and seek out employ in this field. What drew us to Jordan was not only his great work; but, also his awesome sense of humor (as evidenced in his “Plea for Silence” and “Body Disposal Guide” seen after the jump) along with his thoughtful approach and process. When asked what drove him to be a designer he said, “My literary background and my love of design both grow from my fascination with narrative. So much of how we view ourselves and each other is built by the stories around us, be they movie posters or detergent boxes. What do our stories say about us? In what ways do they mold how we live our lives? What happens when designers restructure, repackage, or subvert these stories? Design is uniquely able to consider these questions and use them to expand modern culture. Hopefully, in the process we can make it more dynamic, more varied, more beautiful, and more accepting.” We don’t think we could of said it better ourselves. We suggest talking a peek at his work after the jump and then immediately giving him a call because, according to twitter, he’s interviewing now and he will probably be snatched up quick. Check out more of Jordan’s work after the jump. Also check out our last two features: Emily Hamre, a designer at the University of Minnesota and Ashley Hohnstein, a design intern at FAME retail. Best Choice Light Bulbs A Plea for Silence Mindful Apparel Pale Blue Dot – Motion Graphic Design Body Disposal Guide Game of Thrones Map