10 Thousand Design Creates New Brand Identity System For Diverse Fashion Apparel Brand


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For more than 10 years, Houston has built a community hub, retail space and growing apparel and accessories business under the brand HWMR, or Houston White Men’s Room in North Minneapolis. He has used the art of style and urban fashion to inspire pride in his community and bring together people of all identities, races, cultures, backgrounds, and neighborhoods. His multi-faceted approach was recently featured on People magazine online.

10 Thousand Design helped solidify Houston White as a brand unto itself, with numerous distinct lifestyle and apparel brands supporting it. You can read more about the project here. The design system includes the following:

  • A master brand identity that reflects the different collections, and Houston’s sense of community as family and brand as a connecting force.
  • A brand book that evokes the intention, distinction, and spirit of the Houston White brand, telling the story of its cultural roots and evolution from a community-building barbershop to a conscious fashion design house.
  • Lookbooks for each product brand to showcase seasonal collections with stunning photography alongside the design details for each piece and notes on the cultural ideas that inspired them.
  • A new brand identity for the New Classic product line that takes cues from vintage formalwear, specifically Black Ivy League styles, and offers new perspectives on traditional forms.
  • The brand identity for the new Viictory line of sportswear that brings bolder hues and cultural textures. Houston is a pioneer in bringing Black culture to golf and tennis with the intention of opening these sports to more players and communities of color.
  • The brand identity for the Fresh product collection that offers leisure looks for feeling good and living big.

Creative Credits:

Client – Houston White

Agency – 10 Thousand Design

Executive Design Director – Ed Bennett

Managing Director – Kristin Woxland

Group Creative Director – Sam Soulek

Group Design Director/Brand Experience – Patrick Anders

Strategy Director – Casie Cook

Associate Design Director – Dustin Hackwith

Associate Design Director/Writer – Hojo Willenzik

Associate Account Director – Mandy Rutherford

Associate Designer – Cornel Beard

Associate Designer – Sabrina Peitz

Project Manager – Anna Barrick


  1. Preston October 20, 2020

    How did a predominantly white agency with a predominantly white team tap into the essence of Black culture?

    This seems tone deaf at best.

  2. agencyspy October 21, 2020

    Here’s a better headline: “Mostly white team uses undervalued black labor to gain clout”. Also this is not a DIVERSE fashion apparel brand it is a Black fashion apparel brand. Are you really THAT scared of Black?

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