• Protecting America’s Natural Wonders from Instagrammers

    by / November 21, 2018 / Instagram has been a driving force in encouraging people to visit America’s natural wonders, including Jackson Hole, Wyo. Unfortunately, it has also caused a lot of fragile, rarely visited areas to become overcrowded, and in turn, at risk of degradation and destruction. To mitigate this threat to precious land, the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board (JHTTB) launched a first-of-its-kind cam[Read More]

  • Transcending life on earth with Periscope’s latest creative campaign

    by / October 29, 2018 / Periscope and the Minnesota Lottery are launching a campaign that celebrates Day of Dead (October 31–November 2) with every piece of content designed in the spirit of the holiday to reflect energy, movement and the concept of "living on". With copy in both English and Spanish, it's designed to introduce the lottery to a growing Hispanic audience while promoting the new Day of the Dead lottery s[Read More]

  • McDonald’s | Under the Golden Arches

    by / October 22, 2018 / Jonathan Chapman's rundown of his latest work. Production: Golden Arches, aka McDonald’s Locations: Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle and Austin Backdrop: Golden Arches, cities of magnitude, kitchens, dining areas, service counters, parking lots, and drive-thru windows. Styling Highlights: the wide variety of props only found at McDonald’s, plus a few personal items from employees and patrons. [Read More]

  • University of Minnesota Driving in New Direction

    by / October 4, 2018 / Everyone knows the University of Minnesota. It’s a national learning center of excellence and a research leader in so many fields. But do Minnesotans really know just how the University’s daily discoveries improve their daily lives, make Minnesota an enviable place to live and drive their local economy? Now a new brand campaign, featuring inspirational educators and researchers – and their d[Read More]

  • Jonathan Chapman and Yamamoto Join Forces for “Together, You Win”

    by / August 16, 2018 / Production–CSG International Agency—Yamamoto Location—Omaha, NE and Minneapolis, MN Backdrop—Urban cityscapes, offices, consumer homes, north woods camping and everything in between. Styling Highlights—A VW Westfalia camper van. Talent—All pros from Omaha and Minneapolis. Camera/Gear—(3) Canon 1DX MKII, Movi M5, DJI Mavic, and plenty of SSD media. Lighting—Arri Sky Panels T[Read More]

  • Jonathan Chapman wins big

    by / July 13, 2018 / Three cheers to Jonathan Chapman for his short documentary on female boat builder Mélanie Lopez being recognized by Communication Arts.  Jonathan Chapman, photographer/director Patrick Meehan, director of photography Mélanie Lopez, contributing artist Joseph McMahon, editor Skyler Lawson, music composer Craig Christiansen, producer John Fontana, associate producer Brian Raphael, line [Read More]