• Pushing Clients, Production, and Creativity During COVID

    by / January 14, 2021 /

    In a year that made everything in our industry harder, Bolin managed to safely produce a broadcast TV spot that’s positive, fun, and not what you’d expect from a Menards-owned brand.

    As the year that was 2020 has closed, Klëarvūe Closets will begin airing a thirty-second TV spot conceived and produced by Bolin during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The spot features a large walk-in closet and one, single talent. As the spot unfo[Read More]

  • Job Alert: Open Book Seeks Motion Designer

    by / January 11, 2021 /


    • Spearhead the team’s efforts to reinforce emotional narrative experiences in video that help audiences both understand and feel
    • Propose solutions and concepts with sketches, storyboards, or examples to align with Creative Director and other key decision makers
    • Merge elements of music, design, motion, and narration into an integrated experience that exudes possibility
    • Support on static design projects a[Read More]

  • Fast Horse Wishes You A Boring New Year

    by / January 4, 2021 /

    Like many agencies, Minneapolis-based Fast Horse gathered its most creative minds to concept its annual holiday card. The result: the most boring piece of content ever produced.

    After a tumultuous 2020, the greeting wishes people a new year as uneventful as watching paint dry. And then it lets them watch paint dry in real time, clocking in at just under two hours of run time.

    There's nothing we absolutely don't love about this. Cozy up with a warm blanket and check it out.

    [Read More]

  • The Timberwolves Start Basketball Season With An Anthemic New Spot

    by / December 28, 2020 /

    With a shortened basketball season, NBA teams can feel the stakes rising—none more so than the Minnesota Timberwolves.
    The Timberwolves have the No. 1 draft pick for this quick-turn season and they’re making their name known with an introduction that can’t be forgotten. Their dynamic new video spot comes from a hometown agency, Minneapolis-based Fallon, and has the exact kind of energy that we can’t wait to see on the court. Appropriately named ‘Raised By Wolves,’[Read More]

  • Sorry, And Happy Holidays From Solve

    by / December 22, 2020 /

    As a 2020 holiday gift, Solve made a donation in their clients’ names to the Twin Cities Music Community Trust, an organization started by First Avenue to support out-of-work people who support live music.  To communicate the gift, they created an agency video highlighting just how much live music is missed. Here's the copy they included in the email announcing their holiday donation:

    Happy holidays! We’ve officially made it [Read More]

  • Colle McVoy Brings Cheer, Hope & Goodwill

    by / December 17, 2020 /

    We couldn't love this more if we tried. Each year, Colle McVoy creates a special something to thank and bring joy to their employees, clients, partners, and friends. This year, the bringing joy part was a bit of a challenge. But Colle McVoy would rather light a candle than curse the darkness.

    This spirit is what influenced the creation of [Read More]