• Malley Design Crafts Industry Brewing

    by / August 8, 2018 / The folks at Malley love beer. So much so that when they've got a little downtime they dream up conceptual breweries like Lokal and now this. Introducing Industry Brewing. Forged in the Mill City, the beer Industry brews pays homage to the hard-working men and women of the industries that formed such cities as these—the blue collar, backbone of our society.  See the entire proj[Read More]

  • New Theodore Wirth Park Trailhead Introduces Art & Design to Minneapolis Teens

    by / August 3, 2018 / Together with AIGA Minnesota, Duffy design group, and some very artistic Minneapolis children, world-renowned locally-based designer Joe Duffy has just completed a mural in Theodore Wirth Park commemorating the opening of the new Trailhead facility. The Loppet Foundation partnered with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to build The Trailhead, a new home for outdoor enthusiasts in the c[Read More]

  • Kick Makes On-the-Go Look Good for Spoon Optional Rebrand

    by / August 1, 2018 / The busy lives of moms, dads, and millennials have little room for extravagant meals. But why should anyone have to compromise when it comes to nourishing themselves and their family? Kick reintroduced Spoon Optional into the marketplace for those who have delicious, healthy and convenient nutrition on their minds. Spoon Optional sippable soups come in an array of flavors and can be enjoyed cold [Read More]

  • The Engine Is Red Seeks Graphic Designer

    by / August 1, 2018 / You have an incredible sense of style and a great eye for design. You can collaborate within a group to form ideas and convert them seamlessly into visual concepts. You’re comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and able to hit the ground running. You’re empathetic, a lifelong learner and passionate about producing great work. Learn more and apply here.[Read More]

  • DreamBig Rebrands Hot Comics and Collectibles

    by / August 1, 2018 / Hot Comics and Collectibles, celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, asked DreamBig to rebrand their website, logo, and corporate identity. They felt their previous branding made them look stuck in the ’90s, and their website was old and not mobile-friendly. They wanted an up-to-date look, capable of e-commerce and easy customer engagement. Their goals for the rebrand included bringing Ho[Read More]

  • Westwerk Wins Indigo 2018 Website Design Award

    by / July 30, 2018 / Westwerk, a division of Snap Agency, recently received the prestigious Website Design Award from the Indigo Award Ceremony. Westwerk was recognized by Indigo for its creative design work with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a non-profit legal and educational institute dedicated to protecting the free expression of all faiths. The division worked with the Becket Fund to revamp the design of [Read More]

  • Hiring blitz at Fame. Well, 3 newbies. That qualifies as a blitz, does it not?

    by / July 27, 2018 / World’s briefest bios and a few Did You Know’s below: Justin Ungs, Account Director: Quick-witted gif-master and freakishly unflappable no matter how many curveballs get thrown his way, Justin came to Fame fresh off an admirable 8-year run at JT Mega, where he worked on biggie food brands like Nature Valley, Pillsbury, Hormel, Del Monte. Prior to that, he worked on non-consumables like Honda[Read More]

  • Fresh Meat Friday: Vatsalaa Jha

    by / July 27, 2018 / Alrighty, it’s time we unleash this week’s Fresh Meat Friday. If you or a youngster you know have roughly between 0–5 years of professional experience and a good-lookin' book, for the love of all that is holy, please let us know.    Our fresh cut this week is Vatsalaa Jha, an Art Director from the 'you betcha' state of Minnesota, where niceness floods from the Mississippi into the heart[Read More]