• Job Alert: SixSpeed Seeks Creative Director

    by / September 12, 2019 /

    Creative Directors are the driving force that keeps the creative group at SixSpeed fully engaged and consistently generating sharp work as one team. They direct the development of original concepts, global campaigns, brand assets, oversee multiple projects through execution and manage client relationships regarding all creative deliverables. As a leader and manager, our Creative Directors must represent SixSpeed’s culture and standards through action and directly manage a team of creative[Read More]

  • Job Alert: SixSpeed Seeks Copywriter

    by / September 12, 2019 /

    As a Copywriter, you’ll be tasked with taking on big, sticky challenges—tackling them with pen, paper and an open mind. You’ll not only have ideas that leap from the page, but the skill and discipline to craft them into copy that inspires action. You’ll speak to audiences through well-crafted ideas, with words and images as your closest allies. The ideal candidate has 2-5 years of creative agency experience, a proven ability to generate original ideas and the persistence to will them [Read More]

  • boatBurner and ARGO Debut “The Calling”

    by / September 12, 2019 /

    Hunting season is quickly approaching, and ARGO XTVs are ready to take you places where others can’t. boatBurner is introducing its first short film for ARGO titled “The Calling.”

    As outdoor enthusiasts, boatBurner understands the excitement for the crisp fall, revisiting the hunting stories of the past, and the opportunity to create new lifelong memories. “The Calling” takes you on a nostalgic journey every hunter can relate to—and raises a profound question about the spo[Read More]

  • Anthem Spots Reintroduce The Xcel Energy Brand To Customers

    by / August 30, 2019 /

    Xcel Energy isn’t waiting for the future of energy to happen, they’re building it today. With a growing renewable infrastructure and safety initiative involving drones, AI, and virtual reality, they’re the first American energy company to pledge to deliver 100% carbon-free energy by 2050. After Minneapolis-based Carmichael Lynch won a pitch earlier in the year, Xcel Energy came to us with an ambitious request to reinvent the brand from the ground up, give them a[Read More]

  • space150 For Inspire Medical

    by / August 30, 2019 /

    While medical device advertising is chock-full-of legal disclaimers and sterile, medical jargon-filled messaging, "Just A Button" brings a more modern message for patients.
    Inspire makes a revolutionary sleep apnea treatment for those who struggle with CPAP. The brand partnered space150 to help them make the shift from med-tech to something more human, so space stripped the brand down to the studs and rebuilt it to be modern and clean, with messaging that gets to [Read More]

  • NFL Star Jared Allen Is Back For Football Season In New Lottery Commercial

    by / August 29, 2019 /

    Periscope, one of the top fully integrated creative agencies in the nation, and Minnesota Lottery, a leading lottery nationally with unprecedented growth in 2018, and the Minnesota Vikings have come together to bring Jared Allen back just in time for NFL season kick-off. A new ad campaign — This Could Be Your Year — stars the beloved former Vikings defensive end and fuels excitement for the possibilities[Read More]

  • Dave Schutz Joins Modern Climate As Creative Director

    by / August 28, 2019 /

    Modern Climate is pleased to announce the hiring of Dave Schutz as Creative Director. Schutz will oversee creative for a collection of Modern Climate’s accounts. He’ll report to Chief Creative Officer, Keith Wolf.

    “Dave brings a ton of expertise wrapped in a spectrum of thinking that applies directly to the challenges that brands face today,” Wolf said. “Having Dave help[Read More]