• Griffin Archer and Splash Jingle Their Way Through Winter

    by / December 5, 2023 /

    The classic advertising hook you know and love is back! The SPLASH jingle has been revived in a new, animated spot by Griffin Archer and Motion 504. This time, we follow the perilous journey of an adorable car named “Henry” as he battles everything from ice storms to angry bugs. With the help of Weather Repel Windshield Washer Fluid from SPLASH, Henry is able to dodge potholes, deer, and the occasional snow-throwing oak tree to make it safely to school. 

    This is the second animat[Read More]

  • Minnesota Twins Add Rise And Shine And Partners To Their Team Roster

    by / December 1, 2023 /

    The Independent Creative Shop Clinches Lead Brand Agency Responsibilities for reigning American League Central Division Champions

    The Minnesota Twins have selected Rise and Shine and Partners, an independent, full-service brand and creative agency, to help amplify the momentum for the Major League Baseball franchise. The news follows a competitive agency search and a strong postseason finish for the team, which won the American League Central Divisi[Read More]

  • CRASH+SUES Has Moved

    by / November 22, 2023 /

    After 32 years in downtown Minneapolis, CRASH+SUES recently decided to move away from the hustle and bustle to a more creative-inspiring location with a view. Where to? Arden Hills.

    CRASH+SUES is now located in Anderson Center right off Hwy 51 and County Road E.

    "We are so excited to have walking trails, a deck for grilling in the summer, and free no-hassle parking for all, but mostly I am thrilled by the number of clients already stopping by for a tour and cuppa joe!" [Read More]

  • Perdue Tackles Antibiotics Usage in New Campaign

    by / November 14, 2023 /

    Perdue, the number one brand of fresh chicken in the U.S., is doubling down on its No Antibiotics Ever commitment as its biggest competitor is reintroducing daily antibiotics to its flocks.

    A new :30 broadcast spot features Jim Perdue, chair of Perdue Farms, and his sons, Chris and Ryan, touting Perdue’s commitment to using only the highest quality vegetarian diet with no animal by-produc[Read More]

  • Duke Cannon Gives Television Audiences A Peek Behind The Curtain

    by / November 9, 2023 /

    “Show me the shower and I’ll show you the man,” is not something a great philosopher once said. Nonetheless, the grooming products a man uses can certainly tell you a lot about him.

    For a slew of new brand spots created to support a recent launch at Walmart stores nationwide, Duke Cannon wanted to pull back the curtain and show that if a man has our products in his shower, well, that probably tells you just about everything you need to know.

    This campaign of two :30 and [Read More]

  • Clean Nest Homes Sparkles with Help from Malley Design

    by / November 9, 2023 /

    Clean Nest Homes is an all-natural cleaning company dedicated to providing exceptional service to a growing client base. After 20 years of operating as Orluck Organic, the two Minnesota sisters behind the company were looking for a rebrand to reflect an expansion of services, growth of the team and the introduction of a rebranded line of cleaning products called The Clean Nest.

    CNH's v[Read More]

  • New Campaign for Apple Autos: Don’t Get Screwed

    by / October 23, 2023 /

    There’s an auto dealer stereotype.

    No one likes it.

    And yet, that stereotype continues to persist:

    Asking women when their husbands are coming. Dealers judging people’s credit worthiness by their wardrobe. Or misrepresenting details easily found online. The classic, “let me go talk with my manager.”

    It’s all so much dumb, unnecessary behavior.

    That’s why there’s an antidote at Apple Autos:

    Don't Get Screwed.

    The campaign la[Read More]