• Colle McVoy & 10 Thousand Design Capitalize On The Biggest Moment In Minnesota United History

    by / August 18, 2019 /

    A brand-new, world-renowned stadium. Sold out season tickets. Exciting new talent on the field. Sounds like a sports marketer’s dream scenario, right? But that didn’t leave Minnesota United without their fair share of challenges, too. Colle McVoy and 10 Thousand Design partnered with them to build a distinct brand and killer design system that infuses the energy of the game into everything they do.

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  • Duke Cannon Upgrades Everyday Men to News Anchor Status

    by / August 15, 2019 /

    Hunt Adkins' client, Duke Cannon has seen significant growth within the men’s grooming product category both in-store and online, specifically with the success of Duke Cannon’s hair products.

    To attract a subsegment of "Dukes" who tend to be younger and are generally more interested in premium hair wash and styling products, we know that appearance matters to them, so they’re willing to invest more time and money to look good. But while they give a shit about what they look like[Read More]

  • HORMEL Compleats Brand Debuts New “Fast As BEEP” Campaign

    by / August 15, 2019 /

    The new HORMEL Compleats campaign connects to its audience with language as down-to-earth as the product. Created by BBDO Minneapolis, the spots feature real-life moments where people could really use a quick and easy meal. Once they learn about the speed and satisfaction offered by 60-second HORMEL Compleats, they’re so amazed they let a few exclamatory words slip.

    Luckily, the microwave beeps are there to keep everything family friendly. The campaign offers HORMEL Compleats an aut[Read More]

  • Haberman and Lorissa’s Kitchen Launch Some Tasty Work

    by / August 15, 2019 /

    Lorissa’s Kitchen, a mom-founded premium meat snack brand, is launching a new national campaign, “The Go-To Snacks for Go Time,” developed by a female-led production team, all-female client team, and a female director. All work was done in Minneapolis with their agency-of-record, Haberman, a creative engagement agency dedicated to telling the stories of pioneers making a difference in the world. The jerky category has been historically male-focused, and Lorissa’s Kitchen has set out t[Read More]

  • Rise and Shine and Partners Debuts SmartStyle Hair Salons “Smart Equation” Campaign

    by / August 2, 2019 /

    In August, Rise and Shine’s new campaign for SmartStyle Hair Salons will launch with the Back-to-School season at Walmart. SmartStyle, part of Regis Corporation, is a full-service hair salon located inside Walmart stores nationwide. The “Smart Equation” campaign uses simple math to highlight the range of services and looks you can get from the professional stylists at SmartStyle Hair Salons.

    The “Smart Equation” campaign features six short vignettes, including :30, :15 and :[Read More]