Briana Auel

Minneapolis + Brooklyn

Member Since: 2/10/2020

Creative direction, art + design. 13+ years of experience working in both hands-on and leadership roles predominantly in a freelance/consulting capacity. I am a design-centric art director with experience concepting and executing traditional and digital advertising campaigns, textile design, identity and branding, packaging design, environmental design, social content, website design, and tangible product idea and design. My career started with an internship at DDB Chicago in 2005 as an intern and then cut my teeth in small agencies in Minneapolis, MN before relocating to NYC in 2010 where I spent the better part of the last decade. I am not located in Minneapolis MN where I paint, freelance and work with a small roster of my own private clients primarily based in NYC. I do pitch work in both traditional, digital and design agencies and work with a list of high profile personal clients in the action sports, art, apparel, wine & spirits, food and film worlds. I pride myself on bringing versatile problem-solving skills to the job and am often hired to wear multiple hats on a given project.