Address Central

Utah, USA

Member Since: 6/2/2020

Company DescriptionAddressCentral is a cloud based contact management service that provides: 1) A one-stop-shop portal for updating one's contact information with friends and family, and 2) A live contact book where a user's contacts keep their own information up to date for the user. One of AddressCentral's differentiators is that users may customize what information they share with their contacts. For example, if a user changes their address and phone number, they update those details in their AddressCentral profile and their new address will only display with the contacts they want it to, as will their new phone number. Restoring contacts is as simple as signing into one's AddressCentral account as all contacts are backed up in the cloud and accessible on all of one's devices. An app is available on Android with iOS coming soon (although it may be used on any iPhone web browser). AddressCentral is free, private and contains no ads.

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