Vladimir Jones | Mid-Level Copywriter


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Type Of Work:
Date Posted:
July 20, 2021


Good with words? Good with concepts? Great with people? Let's talk.

The Mid-Level Copywriter (CW) is responsible for concepting, creating and participating in the production of creative work. Working closely with art directors, designers, developers and other creative resources—as well as other agency staff--the CW creates work that solves business problems, commands attention, provokes response, and represents the agency well; all within the appropriate time and budget parameters.

• Translates creative brief into ideas, concepts, words and pictures that will engage target audiences and effectively execute on strategy.
• Understands business imperatives of clients, and utilizes them as a catalyst for creative work, not a barrier.
• Knows the rules of English grammar, syntax and usage, enabling him/her to break them with grace and authority.
• Takes a holistic view of clients, projects and creative opportunities, to create innovative work that challenges the client, pushes the category, yet responsibly delivers on the strategy.
• Good at finding and using the appropriate “voice” for every brand.
• The CW should be his/her own toughest critic; never settling for the first idea, the safe idea, the obvious idea, pushing and polishing their own work and those of the team. Never afraid to start over if necessary.
• Understands production realities to ensure that work can be as brilliant in execution as it is in concept.
• Nurtures a pathological dislike for the boring and the mediocre; shoots for spectacular successes and failures (successes preferred).
• Capable of concepting/writing for all media, with a broad understanding of each.
• Collaborates well with all members of the team; shows empathy for other roles but is a champion and an advocate for the creative perspective.
• Strives to meet assigned schedules and deadlines; is communicative when deadlines are in jeopardy and/or extensions are needed.
• Works closely with Art Director, collaborating, concepting, executing, polishing, starting over, arguing, enabling, line dancing, hiding bodies, etc.
• Can effectively articulate the “why” behind his/her creative choices and decisions; if called upon, can present the work to the greater team or client.
• Accepts notes and feedback gracefully, rewrites to address concerns while still remaining invested in the work.
• Capable of occasionally sketching out rough ad concepts on a napkin or a tablet or whatever, and pretends not to mind when the Art Director makes fun of it (although later, when he/she is alone, a single tear will travel down his/her ruddy cheek because words can hurt, dammit).
• Stays current on technology, and is fluent/skilled in the latest applications needed to do the job.
• Writes thirty second scripts that actually run thirty seconds.
• Is engaged in the advertising industry on a global basis; a “student of the game” who understands the latest trends/technologies, and applies them to client work here.

Desired Qualities:
• Should want to create things that nobody has done before.
• Should be engaged in popular culture; art, music, film, etc.
• Should understand that this is a real business which requires doing time sheets, being on time, wearing pants, etc.
• Should solve ten problems for every one he/she creates.
• Must accept notes/feedback gracefully.
• Never uses six words when three will do.
• Willingness to become a great presenter of the work.
• Steadfast belief that great strategic work can also be brilliant creative work.
• Must have the ability to argue with others and still stay friends.
• Respect others at the agency who don’t have as awesome a job as CW.

Education/Experience/Other requirements:
• Three to five years related experience
• BA or BS Degree
• Verbal and written fluency in English with strong grasp of language anomalies
• Ability to write effectively and persuasively
• Ability to read and follow through on client and creative direction

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