Hunt Adkins | Small-Thinking Design Intern Wanted.


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March 6, 2019


You are not interested in being a cog or a gear or dual-mass flywheel in the faceless corporate machine of a giant ad agency. You have a love of color, composition and typography. You’ve mastered all the digital tools but trust your eye and instincts above all else. You want to apply your creativity to anything and everything: Digital, packaging, social, identity, web, print, video, lunar projects, puppetry. You may not have much experience—but enough to know that you will not have your creativity ground into a coal-like substance to be shoveled into the furnace that powers the ambitions of the colossal agencies. You aspire to greater things, so you think small and you contact [email protected].

Full-time internship in the Illustrious Hunt Adkins Pupilship. May or June start. You will be paid money.

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