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June 24, 2024


:: Design Hustler Needed ::

We're searching for a creative wunderkind for two exciting start-ups within the luxury fashion and smokeware space?

The brands: STØBERI and ukiyohi

This is a part-time/contract position with both hours/week AND overall responsibilities based on your unique skill set. Some of the potential roles you'll take on during any given week...

• Social Media Czar
• Packaging Designer
• Web Master
• Fashion Designer
• In-House Photo Director
• Retail Experiential Designer
• Product Designer
• Digital Asset Curator
• Videographer / Editor / Animator
• AI Implementor
• Community/Influencer Manager
• Google, Shopify, Klaviyo, TikTok, META expert
• Manager and Creative Director for outside Freelancers
• Pitching in with Customer Service and Fulfillment
• Podcast Producer? Candle Scent Researcher? Spotify Playlist Manager?

You’ll be truly at the heart of two Minnetonka-based start-ups. Your time with STØBERI will find you diving deep into the world of wedding rings and accessories, while your work on UKIYOHI will allow you to explore the emerging landscape of luxury smokeware.

Ideally, you have legit experience working for an agency, startup or established CPG brand. You’re a hands-on digital designer who loves exploring, tinkering, making and experimenting with new trends, tools and techniques. You’re outgoing, passionate about the creative arts and understand the mechanics of converting content to impressions and impressions to sales.

The Ask:
This is a new position and, as such, the scope of work will be influenced by the individual who comes on board. This could be as little as 10 hours/week and as much as 40+, but the initial weeks will likely be in the range of 20hrs/wk with a mix of on-site and remote.

How To Apply

Next Steps:
Send a note, detailing your interests, requirements and availability to [email protected]. Include a link to your portfolio. At this time, we are looking for someone in the greater Minneapolis area or western suburbs.

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