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April 2, 2019


Who You are:
• You have an exceptionally high empathy quotient. You are passionate about understanding culture and people – ALL PEOPLE. You can imagine the world from multiple perspectives. You know how to listen. You are able to use this talent to effectively translate unique insights and perspectives into inspiring ideas, frameworks and solutions.
• You are a high-performance dot connector. You are one of those rare, left brain / right brain thinkers. You have the ability to combine hard data with qualitative insights in order to develop solutions that are strategically disciplined and emotionally inspiring.
• You are a great storyteller. You have an ability to break down complex ideas into simple truths, frameworks and narratives that enable broad understanding and inspire action. You leave nothing to chance in delivering thinking that has intellectual and emotional impact.
• You thrive in collaborative environments. You understand that we live in a networked world and that success is the result of teamwork. You thrive in environments where hard-charging, interdisciplinary teamwork wins the day. You have no tolerance for diva behavior.
• You are a leader. This starts with being a good and decent human being. You know what the right thing to do is and YOU DO IT, no matter how hard that may be. You express your leadership by serving others. Your energy and talent makes everyone around you better.

What your Role is:
The Client Services Intern supports the [Senior] Client Directors, creative and strategy teams to ensure
the projects and clients are being managed effectively and efficiently.
What your Responsibilities could include, but are not limited to:
• Support the Client Services department and executive teams with project needs
• Organize project information, including researching background information and insights
• Meeting organization, management and documentation
• Category research and audit presentations
• Developing creative briefs for the design team and assisting with inspiration
• Overall client management administration
• Participating in the fun CBX events and get-togethers

A few Qualifications that will help:
• Pursuing minimum of a BA/BS degree in Psychology, Marketing or related fields; seniors preferred
• OR recently graduated with experience in the branding, marketing or strategic planning industry
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Keynote (we use Macs)

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