AdFed Minnies

January 22, 2020
05:30 pm to 08:30 pm
Muse Event Center 107 3rd Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55401
The Advertising Federation of Minnesota
$12.50 for student members, $25 for student non-members, $25 for AdFed members, $50 for other non-members

The Minnies | Media Innovation Awards

Listen, some media people just get it.

And by “it,” we don’t just mean free booze, concert tickets and 50-pound fruit baskets (although they definitely get plenty of those too). No, we’re talking about those teams who absolutely kill it at strategizing, planning and running innovative, groundbreaking ad campaigns—and we’re excited to celebrate their success again in 2020!

Join us in honoring the most innovative media campaigns of the year. You will not want to miss this! For a detailed schedule and more information, visit

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