Communications 101: Leading with Purpose in a Time of High Social Awareness

October 29, 2019
06:00 pm to 08:30 pm
4388 France Avenue South Edina, MN 55410
The Riveter

We live in a high stakes climate – in the wake of #metoo, discrimination in the workplace, data misuse, and a number of other issues, the public and press are becoming increasingly reluctant of brands (and the executives who lead them) that don’t address the societal issues concerning consumers. No doubt it’s risky business to put a stake in the ground on hot button issues. Nonetheless, in today’s market, having an authentic POV is an important move for your company and your legacy as a leader.

Public facing professionals must learn to demonstrate thoughtful leadership while engaging with societal issues — oftentimes on the fly. In this workshop, Hotwire President Heather Kernahan will coach the audience on fundamental comms practices for executives including how to communicate effectively in a time of heightened social awareness.

This workshop will begin and end with 30 minutes of cocktails, light bites and mingling.

This session will be applicable to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of strategic communications practices, but will be especially helpful for the following groups:

– Entrepreneurs/founders working to launch their business

– Senior level employees managing teams, departments, etc

– C-level professionals

– Marketing, Comms and PR professionals

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