Red Stripe Defends VW’s Terrible Super Bowl Spot

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In an interesting twist, in some states, this Red Stripe ad was run during the Super Bowl halftime break which works to defend Volkswagen's terrible Jamaican v.o. spot that many, including us, found to be a bit racist. Other than the Old Spice man breaking into ads for products under the same parent company, we've never seen one ad from a totally different company commenting on another. Awesome move for Red Stripe and yet another way that posting spots early is starting to add another dimension to the Super Bowl ad brawl.

"'Official' Call on That Car Commercial" Red Stripe

That VW Ad: "Get In. Get Happy." Volkswagen - Deutsch LA


So a person doing a southern accent would be racist too?

How about a person doing a Scottish accent?

Are those CaptialOne commercials with Jimmy Fallon racist? Because he does parody a bunch of accents that are all predominantly Caucasian, especially the Packer fan bit which I find COMPLETELY offensive, yet I hear nary a peep about that? It seems this PC highway you're on is a oneway....


Just curious, is this racist, too?

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