• #32Under32 Interview: Amee Tomlinson, Co-Founder & CEO at jabber logic

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    This week's 32 Under 32 profile is all about local creative Amee Tomlinson!

    How do you think you approach your job differently than other people?

    "For me to perform at my best, I realized early in my career that I need to believe in the work I’m doing. Believing in my clients’ missions makes it easy to be excited about working on projects with them, big or small. It makes it easier to have the tough conversations about design, content and development because I’m invested in their cause and have their best interest at heart."

    What kind of accounts/projects do you currently work on?

    "jabber logic works with small businesses and nonprofits. Our clients usually have a finite budget, so we’re always helping them prioritize their marketing dollars and efforts. We’ve done everything from brand identity work to website development to PR to blogging and newsletters to broadcast. We’ve found that brand identity projects make up the majority of our work with nonprofits—not intentionally, but because when a client comes to us and says, 'I need a new website,' or, 'I need a blog,' we dig into what they are solving for. 100% so far have been trying to explain who they are and what they’re all about. It’s a waste of time and money to create a website or blog for a client if they don’t have who they are clearly defined. We help them understand the investment up front to prevent rework and wasted dollars in the future."

    What's the best advice you've ever received?

    "In 2009, I attended a United Way Emerging Leaders fundraiser. I won dinner with Campbell Mithun’s CEO at the time, Steve Wehrenberg, and Star Tribune Editor, John Rash. Toward the end of dinner, Steve said, 'Here’s the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.' He went on to explain that if others don’t know what I need, they can’t help me get it. Sometimes it’s intimidating to ask mentors and professional idols for help, but they have yet to disprove this adage."

    What gets you excited to come to work every day?

    "My clients. I work with an aquarium, and a nonprofit that teaches students financial literacy, and a nonprofit that honors fallen military heroes with a permanent flag pole and flag, and a nonprofit that provides combat veterans and their families with grants. These organizations are changing the world. I wake up every day in awe of their missions and humbled to be one of the drivers helping them enact that change."

    What has been some of your proudest work?

    "As jabber logic first got started, we donated 300 pro bono hours to rebrand BestPrep and redesign their website (www.bestprep.org). The real beauty of the project was in the journey. We met with teachers, students, volunteers, board members and staff to understand the organization. We attended their events and volunteered in their classrooms. Again, when you’re working with a client you believe in, it’s easy to throw yourself into the project and commit yourself to helping them succeed. The extra effort by our team ensured that the final product spoke to all consumers invested in BestPrep."

    Who is one person who has helped you get where you are? Or, one person you really look up to?

    "I can’t choose just one.

    Christine Fruechte, CEO at Colle+McVoy

    Christine is the person I admire most in the ad world. Every time I meet with her, she’s so down to earth and supportive. Even though she is so busy, she’s present when meeting with you and makes you feel like what you have to say is important. She follows her own path, is confident, compassionate, and a pioneer for women in our industry.

    Rosemary Sundin, President at Orman Guidance Research Group

    Rosemary continuously inspires me. She’s worked her way from an entry-level position to owner and president of Orman Guidance Research Group and founder of Callay. She is honest and ethical and believes in doing right by her clients and the industry, no matter the cost to her. Her selflessness and friendship has been a continuous driver for me.

    John Wernz, CMO at Wealth Enhancement Group

    John has believed in jabber logic since day one. He helped us secure our first few clients, encouraged us when we were on the right path and pushed us when we were floundering.

    Noah Johnson

    Noah was one of my first bosses. I’ve never been able to professionally spar with anyone the way I do with Noah, and it’s made me smarter, tougher and kinder. For the last five years, he’s been a professional sounding board and part of my personal support system."

    Anything you want to say to the Minnesota advertising, PR, marketing community?

    "Ask yourself what is important to you and what type of person you want to be. You have the ability to make your life as fulfilling or tumultuous as you choose. Find your passion, define your values and go after it. Whether you work for yourself or someone else (we need both in this world), bring your best every day; not for them, but for you. That satisfaction from following your passion and staying true to your values, that is success."

  • Cargill Is Sweet on Fallon

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    This week, Cargill announced that Fallon Minneapolis will be taking over all social duties for its Truvia brand as its new agency of record.

    The Truvia brand created the category of stevia-based sweeteners in 2008 and has become the second best-selling sugar substitute in the United States.

    This is the first time these two Minnesota companies have teamed up to promote a Cargill brand. “We’re excited to be working with this great, international company right in our backyard. It’s a cool, modern brand and a natural product we believe in. People use Truvia natural sweetener every day, so it presents a unique opportunity to engage them with interesting content daily,” said John King, Chief Marketing Officer at Fallon.

    Fallon has been charged with delivering premium content that promotes engagement and sharing through all of the Truvia brand’s social channels, including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Specific responsibilities include social media strategy, content development, community management and analytics.

    “The Truvia brand mission is to bring sweetness from nature to the world in all forms. Fallon is the ideal creative partner to help us be prolific at storytelling through social content, thereby increasing quality engagements with our fans. We look forward to having them at the helm of our social communities,” said Brian Marx, Digital Marketing Manager, Truvia brand at Cargill.

    Fallon’s work with the Truvia brand will begin this month.

  • I'm Dying (Official Music Video)

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    roberthenryfilm and Von91 recently wrapped shooting the official music video for Minneapolis-based rapper Bentellect's single "I'm Dying" off his album BENT.

    The video is, well, a bit on the dark side. Rumor has it the crew almost got arrested during the shoot. Mostly because it looked like they were dragging around a dead body.


    Rapper: Bentellect
    Director: Robert Henry
    Producer: Von91—Tiffany Tarrolly

  • Campbell Mithun Announces New Client Partnership: DOG for DOG

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    The new client acquisitions continue for Campbell Mithun and their latest partnership is a doggone exciting one for the agency, its employees and the community.

    To announce this partnership, Campbell Mithun donated over 275 pounds of DOG for DOG brand all-natural food and treats to Minneapolis-based, Secondhand Hounds Animal Rescue.

    Campbell Mithun worked with DOG for DOG on their debut at select Target stores across the U.S. and looks forward to helping fuel their national growth as they continue to expand distribution in 2014 and beyond.

    “We’re thrilled to have a partner like Campbell Mithun,” said DOG for DOG founder and President Rocky Kanaka Keever, “The team not only understands our startup culture, but is truly passionate about the movement and wants to help more dogs in need.”

    DOG for DOG is an innovative California-based company with a mission of helping dogs in need. For every item sold, one is donated to a dog in need. The company’s philosophy is “You buy one, we give one.”

    "It's always great to help build modern brands like DOG for DOG whose businesses are inherently generous," said Campbell Mithun CEO, Rob Buchner.

    Campbell Mithun’s Denis Budniewski, EVP-Director of Account Leadership & Growth (left) and Rob Buchner, CEO (right) and Yeah-Yeah, a St. Bernard/Springer Spaniel mix from Secondhand Hounds.

  • Project NOT ME

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    HODDER is a strategic and creative content company with expertise across television to digital platforms. Their work emphasizes the smart use of content for promotion and audience engagement as they partner with television networks and studios, consumer product and service brands, retailers and agencies to reach audiences in ways that resist being overlooked.

    The following work is a reality-style television series, "Project NOT ME," that HODDER created for UnitedHealth Group’s Center for Health Reform and Modernization.

    The series won a regional Emmy and, more important, was found to be more effective at driving lifestyle changes that could prevent type 2 diabetes—the objective of a larger NOT ME campaign.

  • Runner

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    There are things in your life you'll end up feeling guilty about.

    Eating thinkThin bars won't be one of them.


    Client: thinkThin
    Product: thinkThin
    Director: Michael Downing
    Agency: Adams & Partners

  • Routine Interruptions: The Payphone with Fred Armisen

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    Fred Armisen just makes everything better.


    Client: Heineken
    Product: Heineken
    Director: Nick Gordon
    Agency: Wieden & Kennedy/NY

  • #Job Alerts!

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    Butt loads of jobs have been pouring in over the last week or so. Looking for work? Look no further...

    Quality Bicycle Products needs a Web Designer:


    Minneapolis Institute of Arts needs a Graphic Designer:


    Imagewerks Marketing needs a Graphic Designer:


    Find our full list of jobs here: http://www.themplsegotist.com/jobs

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