Get Inspired: Slow-mo Exploding Watermelon Using Rubber Bands

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Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy are two guys who make up the youtube channel hit, "The Slow Mo Guys," where, you guessed it, they do cool stuff shot with a slow motion camera. The latest from the two brits was an experiment to see if they could get a watermelon to explode using only rubber bands. If you have 20 or so minutes on your hands today, you can do the same experiment.

Check out some more of their videos including "Giant 6ft Water Balloon Pop," "Paintballs Against Bare Skin," "Fluorescent Light Bulbs Smash," "The Happy Gilmore," and "Popping Popcorn" after the jump.

Rubber Bands vs Watermelon


Giant 6ft Water Balloon

Paintballs Against Bare Skin

Fluorescent Light Bulbs Smash

The Happy Gilmore

Popping Popcorn


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