mono's First Campaign for Target Grocery

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Back in March we posted about mono beating out agencies Olson and 72andSunny for Target's grocery business. After nearly a year of hard work, their first campaign dubbed "Everyday Collection" broke last night. The spots take Target grocery in a dramatically different direction. What once was see/say is now a blending of high fashion, self-aware ad humor, and showcasing the everyday grocery items that Target is hoping to add to your shopping list. We, at the egotist, say bravo; but, we're curious to hear your thoughts dear reader.

"The Everyday Collection: Bake Sale" Target - mono

"The Everyday Collection: Ravenous" Target - mono

"The Everyday Collection: Matador" Target - mono

"The Everyday Collection: Laundry" Target - mono

"Making of: The Everyday Collection" Target - mono

"The Everyday Collection" Website Stills


Isn't that show THIS Sunday the 13th?

Gone are the days when Target featured happy, silly families sitting down to dinner and enjoying, "affordable luxuries." Since the Missoni line, they seem to be facing a huge brand crisis. They aren't considered a luxury grocery store, (Byerly's, Lunds and Whole Foods) has that market. They aren't low-cost, (CostCo, Sam's and Walmart) are the epitome of those. Could distancing themselves from Walmart be going too far? When we sexualize eggs, there's clearly an issue of, "what is there left to push?"

What Target does well, is customer service and being attentive and approachable. This campaign takes away the friendly faces and stomps a stiletto in-between the consumer and brand. Target, who ARE you?

Finally target getting back to the work that made them a lovable brand. And jesus christ Kate-Madonna, get a life. You just compared tagret grocery stores with costco and lunds. Try making an apt comparison like rainbow, cub, safeway or albertsons.

Love it. Well done, mono.

I like the small dose of comedy at the end. However, I'm not a fan of the whisper.

I love these ads - I have been a loyal Target customer for decades. I appreciate great service, great products, great prices, great philanthropy and great advertising with a sense of fun. Nice job Mono and Target!

Cute, really obvious conceptually but well executed. Bake sale is the most watchable.

I'd be shocked if PMH didn't pitch something similar long, long ago.

Glad they kept a little of the prospective that W+K brought to the brand.

Love it. A fresh way to present grocery while still saying Target ( at least to me anyway.)

Love the combination of fashion, humor, edge. Hate the whisper - an irritating end to an otherwise fun clip.

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