Red Bull's Crashed Ice Photo Finish in Saint Paul

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The seemingly unstoppable Canadian, Kyle Croxall, took another victory at Red Bull Crashed Ice’s return to Saint Paul, Minnesota, after a final battle. The champion held off the challenge from his brother, Scott, and hard-charging American Cameron Naasz to cross the finish line in first. In the second of five Ice Cross Downhill World Championship races staged around the globe, Croxall secured his second consecutive win in front of more than 100,000 spectators around the Cathedral of Saint Paul.

Cameron Naasz was just a few feet away from giving the United States its first-ever victory in the Championship, but the Croxall brothers bolted past the exhausted Minnesotan at the finish line. Naasz had jumped into the early lead on the twisting, obstacle-filled course just after the start but was overtaken a few strides before the finish line. The photo finish was the closest final in the 13-year history of Red Bull Crashed Ice, and it took several moments for judges to determine the finish. “I just wish I could have gotten a few more strides in going up that last hill,” said Naasz, who injured his back in a heavy crash. “I just didn’t have anything left in the tanks and was just trying to hang on."

"Best of the Crashed Ice Action" Red Bull



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We do. Unfortunately, that information isn't readily available to our team.

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