Duffy and Target Named Among the Top 22 Most Influential Design Groups

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Duffy & Partners was named among the top 12 most influential design firms in the the nation over the past fifty years and Target's design department was chosen as the number one (of ten) most influential corporate design groups in the country (ahead of Apple). These illustrious declarations came from Graphic Design USA who "has been the news magazine for graphic designers and other creative professionals" since 1963.

To mark GD USA's 50th Anniversary in business the publication decided to look back at the years of Graphic Design news since they've been around and do a survey of who the top influencers were. Yet, it wasn't just the publication weighting in on these decisions independently, it also includes the results of a massive poll conducted this winter of the readers across their print and digital platforms. In the end, Duffy & Partners earned themselves a much deserved place on the list of twelve among such greats as Pentagram, PushPin, and more. While Target's design department ranked as number one for corporate design in the country. Following Target in second and third are Apple and CBS. So let's give them both (and the Minnesota design community) a digital high five.


Just because you help your client sell more crap does not make you an influential designer. The term Influential should be reserved for those groups or individuals who are pushing the boundaries of societal norms, expanding the intelligence of the masses, bringing awareness to dire world issues and presenting solutions to those issues. This whole "my client is bigger than yours" bullshit is not influential, it's petty.

That's the spirit, "Anonymous".

I'll bet you beat puppies for fun all the while ranting that they deserved it for being so cute.

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