One Club: Fallon's Work is So 1980's

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The One Club for Art & Copy recently got together to highlight some of the best advertising of the last few decades and they anointed Fallon's Rolling Stone Magazine "Perception. Reality." work as THE Print Campaign of the 1980′s. Rolling Stone had a large and loyal audience, but advertisers dismissed those readers as poor, aging, dope-smoking hippies. This print campaign broke in 1985 and, over nearly a decade, inspired more than 60 executions. In its first year alone, Rolling Stone ad sales were up 47 percent. Impressive.

"Perception. Reality." Rolling Stone Magazine - Fallon

Body Copy: “To those of you who are still shortchanging the buying power of a Rolling Stone reader, deposit this in your information bank: Over two and a half million Rolling Stone readers are card-carrying capitalists, last year spending more than thirteen billion dollars in department store and other retail outlets. Cash in on the action in Rolling Stone.”

Body Copy: “If you think a plate of homemade brownies can satisfy the munchies of a Rolling Stone reader, here’s the scoop on what else it takes. Last week, Rolling Stone readers spent 290 million dollars in grocery stores, drank 40 million glasses of soda, ate 6 million cups of yogurt and polished off 4 million candy bars. And they’re still hungry.”

Body Copy: “If you still think a Rolling Stone reader’s idea of standard equipment is flowers on the door panels and incense in the ashtrays, consider this: Rolling Stone households own 5,199,000 automobiles. If you’ve got cars to sell, welcome to the fast lane.”

Body Copy: “If you think Rolling Stone readers are the great unwashed, this should send that sort of thinking right down the drain: In the last 7 days alone, Rolling Stone readers worked up a lather with soap and shampoo 40 million times. If you’ve got health and beauty aids to sell, you can clean up in the pages of Rolling Stone.”


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