• Sixty Second of Gary Busey Talking to Stuff

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    To market the Amazon Fire TV ad agency Wongdoody showcased Gary Busey talking to random objects until he finds the one that responds back to him. The entire spot is focused on Amazon's Fire ability to understand and use voice commands. We think its just weird enough to be memorable and hopefully it will sell some tech too.

    "Gary Busey Meets Amazon Fire TV" Amazon - Wongdoody

  • There's a New Design Agency in Town

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    The aptly named "New Lab" is a new "retail design & innovation" agency that is setting up shop in downtown Minneapolis. Not only will they be an individual shop; but, they also will be serving as the creative portion in a strategic partnership with the Creative Partners Group vendor rep firm and Deep Dive category management. The goal of their shop is to "harness the power of new."

    "New brands and brand experiences, new merchandising concepts, new products and product categories, and new approaches to leveraging technology to drive consumer engagement and business growth. We believe that the earlier New is introduced to a project or an organization, the greater impact it will have on effectiveness and efficiency. To make this possible we partner with clients to understand their businesses and processes, we identify opportunities and whitespace both internally and at retail, and develop comprehensive concepts and solutions." Check them out.

    New Lab

  • KNOCK's Nice Invite Design for the Children's Theatre Company Ball

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    The Children’s Theatre Company holds an annual fundraising gala with two phases: the formal Curtain Call Ball followed by the Backstage Bash. To tackle this unique project, they hired on KNOCK to develop distinct yet complementary themes for the event. Working with the concept of Cinderella they made a "Head Over Glass Heels" theme with ornate pouf hairstyles from 18th-century royalty for the Curtain Call Ball. They followed that with a grittier, wilder nature of a "Happily Every Afterparty" theme for the Backstage Bash. Typography and a little mouse ensured consistency between the two invitations, while pumped-up color was meant to distinguish the bolder, younger Bash from the formal Ball. Nice.

    "Curtain Call Ball and Backstage Bash" Children's Theatre Co. - KNOCK

  • Evian Water is Back with Baby Spiderman

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    Last year around this time BETC rebooted their iconic baby campaign for Evian water. Now BETC Paris is back with a new iteration of the last Evian reflections spot in which they are leveraging their new film partnership to use the one and only Spiderman.

    "The Amazing Baby & Me 2" Evian - BETC Paris

  • Lyft has Landed in the Twin Cities

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    Lyft, like Uber, is a ride-share service in which, with the tap of a button, you can digitally call a driver to your GPS location. To spot them on the street you are shown a picture of the car and driver, and you can watch from your phone as the Lyft approaches your location. Passengers can also choose to sit in the front seat where they can charge their phone and choose the music. To celebrate enjoy this Lyft bit by Conan which also shows how the service works.

    "Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan Share A Lyft Car" Team Coco

  • Now Hiring in California: Senior Art Director - Wells Fargo

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    Wells Fargo is hiring in Oakland, CA or Charlotte, NC: Senior Art Director. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Lunch Break Video: The Return of the River

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    Trailer: "Return of the River" Jessica Plumb

  • Event April 11: Creative Mornings' with Yves Peters

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    "Nine years ago graphic designer Yves Peters started reviewing type in his Bald Condensed column on Typographer.org. In August 2008 he put his graphic design career on the back burner, freeing him to concentrate on his writing and related activities in the digital type business. After editing Unzipped, his blog on the FontShop Benelux home page, Yves moved on to become editor-in-chief of The FontFeed, FontShop International’s online journal for (graphic) design and typography. He regularly professes his love for all things type at conferences and in schools. Yves also is an accomplished drummer with British/American/Belgian pop/rock bands Troubleman, Rosa Luxe*, Grand Theft and The Secret Reggae Band. His talent for being able to identify most typefaces on sight is utterly useless in daily life."

    Best of all Yves Peters will be speaking at Minneapolis' next Creative Mornings event on April 11. Get all of the details right here.

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