• Clarity Coverdale Fury Named AOR for YWCA of Minneapolis and Boy Scouts of America—Northern Star Council

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    Recently named Agency of Record for the YWCA of Minneapolis
    and the Boy Scouts of America Northern Star Council, Clarity Coverdale Fury (CCF) is excited to announce the addition of two important local non-profit organizations to their client roster.

    This spring, CCF launched a new multimedia campaign for the YWCA of Minneapolis promoting their health and fitness memberships. The centerpiece of the campaign was a light rail station takeover at the Lake Street station in Minneapolis. Other features of the campaign included: digital billboards, bus shelters, online and mobile banner ads, Pandora radio spots and restroom advertising.

    In addition to promoting the Y’s health and fitness memberships, CCF also helped promote their Early Childhood Education program. Outside of the new campaigns, CCF will lead all strategic planning, media planning and media buying.

    For the Boy Scouts of America Northern Star Council, CCF took a new direction to their 2013 Annual Report, a fundraising vehicle that highlights the past year’s accomplishments.

    Demonstrating how the Boy Scouts and scouting experiences are still relevant in a world where the average kid spends more than 7.5 hours per day staring at a screen, the work contrasts the scouting world with the digitally-driven lives of so many of our youth.

    Using humor to illustrate how real world scouting experiences can trump many experiences within the digital world (“You may have faced many zombies on Xbox, but walking on a rope 60 feet up takes courage”), CCF brings a new voice to the Boy Scouts’ mission.

    "These are two storied American brands and we are thrilled to be working on both of them," said CCF President Rob Rankin.

  • #BuyMyBarina

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    If you're gonna sell a used car, this is the way to do it. Brilliant.

  • Join @EPICmn at the Rally Wrap and Ivey Awards Launch Party

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    EPIC Minnesota has partnered with the Ivey Awards and Hotel Ivy to launch a brand-new creative campaign.

    The EPIC Rally Team is comprised of folks from OLSON, The Nerdery, Modern Climate, Ultra Creative and more. This talented crew has been working tirelessly for eight weeks to showcase and archive all the Ivey Awards Lifetime Achievement Award winners.

    All of y'all are invited to join the Rally Wrap Party on July 31 from 5:30–8:30 p.m. at Hotel Ivy for craft cocktails and complimentary appetizers.

    Be the first to see the campaign and network with other creatives, EPIC volunteers, nonprofits and the who's who of the theater district. Glasses will be raised and spirits will be high, all in support of amazing work being done to contribute to our vibrant community.

    Cool, right? Duh. RSVP by July 24th to info@iveyawards.com.

  • Minneapolis-based Lola Red PR Lands Home Franchise Concepts

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    Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), a leader in the home service category and parent company of Budget Blinds, Inc. and Tailored Living, LLC, has named Minneapolis-based Lola Red PR as its U.S. PR agency of record.

    For Budget Blinds, Lola Red PR will handle national and regional PR and communications, charitable partnerships, industry influencer relationships and social media strategy. For Tailored Living, Lola Red will support media relations both nationally and regionally and provide social media support.

    “We’re extremely pleased to have Lola Red PR as our national communications partner,” said Chad Hallock, co-founder and CEO of Home Franchise Concepts. “Lola Red’s team of communications veterans has proven themselves more than capable of supporting each of our brands both nationally and regionally. They have the talent and skill to execute on multiple levels to support our company and the franchises that represent our brands all over the U.S.”

    “We are honored to be able to add both Budget Blinds and Tailored living to our roster of national clients,” says Alexis Walsko, founder and CEO of Lola Red PR. ”Both brands have a proven track record of success that we’re excited to promote and build upon through our efforts nation-wide.”

    Budget Blinds is a custom window coverings franchise that is now in its twentieth year of franchising. Budget Blinds offers a convenient shop-at-home service for quality, name-brand window treatments and home décor accessories. Budget Blinds’ team of more than 1,000 knowledgeable consultants based in the U.S. and Canada provide free consultations and estimates, expert measuring and professional installation.

    Tailored Living, a franchise now in its fourth year, offers homeowners and businesses high-quality storage solutions for garages, closets, pantries, mudrooms, home offices and guest rooms. Franchisees based in 145 franchise territories throughout the U.S. and Canada, provide complimentary in-home estimates and consultations, as well as professional measuring and installation to ensure that each project is custom and done right.

  • Photographers Wanted

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    We're looking to update our Facebook and Twitter cover photos on a semi-monthly basis and need you, photographers—yes, you, to submit the best of the best of Minnesota-themed photos.

    Think you've got something that should grace our Facebook and Twitter pages? Help us help you get the recognition you deserve.

    Submit your pics at: mpls@theegotist.com

  • #32Under32 Interview: Taylor Snyder, Senior Art Director at Fallon

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    Taylor Snyder, ladies and gentlemen. And for those of you that don't know, this young gentleman is a former Minneapolis Egotist contributor.

    We'd love to take all the credit for his creative genius, but we can't.

    How do you think you approach your job differently than other people?

    "From what I’ve seen, every creative has their own way of going about their work. Some attack it full force, writing down every idea that comes to mind. Others dive deep into the research to find interesting nuggets. And many absorb then forget to allow their brain to simmer the creative problem before attacking it fresh. So, I would say that most creative people approach their job differently from one another.

    Yet for me, and I’m sure a lot of people say this, I think what makes me a bit unique is I’ve always been out to get to the best creative idea possible. I don’t care if the seed of that idea comes from my partner, the other team, myself, or the account manager. My only interest is in making the best idea come to life and get sold through."

    What kind of accounts/projects do you currently work on?

    "Currently, I’m working on finishing up the TV work for Arby’s new brand campaign launch, developing ideas for what H&R Block will stand for in 2015, and doing some fun OOH and print work for various clients."

    What's the best advice you've ever received?

    "I would say there are three pieces of key advice that I have tried to live by. (None are exact quotes, but they're close to what I remember.)

    The first, from Tim Brunelle of BBDO MPLS, was, 'In many ways advertising is a strategic game. Always think ahead and plan your next two career moves.' By this he meant to find your top desired agency. If you can’t get in there, find out where most of the creatives came from and work there. Eventually, you will get to where you want to go.

    The second, from Brian Collins of Collins, was, 'Never seek to work on the brands that get it. You’ll simply be making more of what everyone else makes. Never seek out the brands that don’t get it. No matter how great your creative, it will never see the light of day. Go after the brands that don’t get it but desperately want to. That is where you can affect change, create work the world has never seen before and stand out.'

    The third, from Nancy Rice, was, 'The creative world is incredibly incestuous. Never burn bridges.' This is pretty self-explanatory and one of the most important pieces of advice any ad person should live by.

    What gets you excited to come to work every day?

    "Honestly, being creative every day and solving business problems. I’m a weird creative that loves both the creative and business side of each problem equally."

    What has been some of your proudest work?

    "From the stuff that's out in the world, two of my favorites have been the mobile app that I developed for Sam’s Club back when we were all still on the iPhone 3G. It was built on a strong foundation of organic consumer patterns and is still in use and being built on top of today. The second would be the Target Canada Website. It was the first time the retailer launched a site in a foreign country, and, with offering absolutely no e-commerce, we were given a chance to build a rich, fun platform that simply told the Target story. Yet, I am most proud of the Arby’s brand work that I’ve had a hand in and will launch very soon. Keep your eyes peeled."

    Who is one person who has helped you get where you are? Or, one person you really look up to?

    "I think it's hard to pinpoint only one person because, in the ad world, it really takes multiple people to get you where you want to go. I would say a few key people include Nancy Rice for mentoring me during my education, Ed Huerta and Kathy Umland for taking a chance on me and guiding me at their respective agencies, Susan Arens and Jan Jancourt for giving me a strong foundation in design, and a shit ton of creative directors and partners who have pushed me to push the envelope on each assignment."

    Anything you want to say to the Minnesota advertising, PR, marketing community?


  • Hats off to Carmichael Lynch

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    Sure, the All-Star Game is over, but our city was on and poppin' these past few days. Red carpet? Check. 4am bar close? Check.

    Some reported 160,000 visitors took to Minneapolis for this year's midsummer classic at Target Field. And, in order to take advantage of this concentrated and connected fan base, neighbors Carmichael Lynch teamed up with Target Field to use a historic and unique billboard: the iconic water tower on the agency’s rooftop.

    The water tower acted as a giant display for Major League Baseball’s official hashtag #ASG (All-Star Game) that helped connect city visitors and baseball fans alike across all social media platforms.­

    Carmichael Lynch's effort doesn’t stop there, though. They also hosted a concert performance by the beloved Cactus Blossoms. And, as if to bring it all full circle, they held a Twitter contest, offering up the chance to win an invitation for Twitterers and a guest to attend the party.

  • www.homelessfonts.org

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    A project that allows homeless people to make money from their handwriting being turned into custom typefaces? That's a thing of beauty right there.

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