• Now Hiring in California: Senior Copywriter - Wells Fargo

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    Wells Fargo is hiring in Oakland, CA or Charlotte, NC: Senior Copywriter. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Lunch Break Video: Organize Your Random, Creative Digital Life with Dragdis

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    You can thank us later.

    "Drag&Drop Anything Anywhere" Dragdis

  • The "32 Under 32" Deadline was Extended to April 7

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    If you were up all night stressing because you missed the chance to become this year's 32 under 32, the nightmare is over. You have one more week to throw your hat in the ring. After that, your window is closed and Ad 2's judges will review all entries in search of the top 32 professionals.

    For those that don't know, the "32 under 32" award celebrates those who stand out in the ad and design industry by demonstrating outstanding talent and work ethic. The award is sponsored by Ad 2, the young professionals segment of AdFed Minnesota. You're invited to nominate yourself or your peers who are age 32 and under. There is no limit to the number of people you can nominate. Be sure to get your nominations in soon though because the entry deadline is now April 7.

    The Judges
    Nancy Rice - Adjunct Professor at MCAD
    Kathy Umland - Director of Creative Operations at Martin Williams
    Lorenz Esguerra - EVP of Account Growth at Modern Climate
    Kat Duncan - Managing Partner at CLICK Talent
    Bob Thacker - Executive Director at Adopt a Classroom

  • Yeah, that Kind of Rich

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    Someday you could be a Steve thanks to the New York Lottery PowerBall in an ad by DDB New York.

    "Toast" New York Lottery PowerBall - DDB New York

    "Birthday" New York Lottery PowerBall - DDB New York

  • Now Hiring in Minneapolis: Internship Graphic Design - Capsule

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    Capsule is hiring in Minneapolis, MN: Internship Graphic Design. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Sixty Second of Gary Busey Talking to Stuff

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    To market the Amazon Fire TV ad agency Wongdoody showcased Gary Busey talking to random objects until he finds the one that responds back to him. The entire spot is focused on Amazon's Fire ability to understand and use voice commands. We think its just weird enough to be memorable and hopefully it will sell some tech too.

    "Gary Busey Meets Amazon Fire TV" Amazon - Wongdoody

  • There's a New Design Agency in Town

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    The aptly named "New Lab" is a new "retail design & innovation" agency that is setting up shop in downtown Minneapolis. Not only will they be an individual shop; but, they also will be serving as the creative portion in a strategic partnership with the Creative Partners Group vendor rep firm and Deep Dive category management. The goal of their shop is to "harness the power of new."

    "New brands and brand experiences, new merchandising concepts, new products and product categories, and new approaches to leveraging technology to drive consumer engagement and business growth. We believe that the earlier New is introduced to a project or an organization, the greater impact it will have on effectiveness and efficiency. To make this possible we partner with clients to understand their businesses and processes, we identify opportunities and whitespace both internally and at retail, and develop comprehensive concepts and solutions." Check them out.

    New Lab

  • KNOCK's Nice Invite Design for the Children's Theatre Company Ball

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    The Children’s Theatre Company holds an annual fundraising gala with two phases: the formal Curtain Call Ball followed by the Backstage Bash. To tackle this unique project, they hired on KNOCK to develop distinct yet complementary themes for the event. Working with the concept of Cinderella they made a "Head Over Glass Heels" theme with ornate pouf hairstyles from 18th-century royalty for the Curtain Call Ball. They followed that with a grittier, wilder nature of a "Happily Every Afterparty" theme for the Backstage Bash. Typography and a little mouse ensured consistency between the two invitations, while pumped-up color was meant to distinguish the bolder, younger Bash from the formal Ball. Nice.

    "Curtain Call Ball and Backstage Bash" Children's Theatre Co. - KNOCK

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