Swedish Institute Declares Steven Colbert Has No "Hafström"

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Today, Bruce Karstadt, the president and CEO of the American Swedish Institute sent a letter to Colbert which said:

“It has come to our attention that you’ve been angling to take over the official Twitter feed for the country of Swedent for a week. We also understand your efforts up to this point have been unsuccessful. . .The American Swedish Institute. . .would like to offer you control of our. . . Twitter feed. . .Who knows, maybe the actual Sweden will see the work you’ve been doing for us, and reconsider. . .We leave the comedy up to you, sir. For us, the timing couldn’t be better - the American Swedish Institute is hosting a Grand Öpening. . .on Sat., June 30. The Swedish Ambassador to the US, His Excellency Jonas Hafström, will also be in attendance. Just sayin’. We offer you the tweeting responsibilities. . .like today.”

Come on Minneapolis, dust off those Twitter accounts and stand up in support. If you think Colbert should prove how much he's learned down at his local Ikea, post your support on Colbert's facebook page and via his twitter hashtag #ArtificalSwedener with our hashtag #ColbertHasNoHafström.

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