• Are You the Next Minneapolis Egotist?

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    We've had a good run haven't we Twin Cities? The time has come for a new ego-filled, masked crusader from Minnesota to step up and take the reigns of the Minneapolis Egotist blog. So far we've switched up our leader every 2-3 years to keep our content and approach fresh, relevant, and always interesting. So like Logan's Run we're killing off the old in favor of the young and new.

    If you're interested in sharing with the world a taste of some of the kick ass ad, design, art, fashion, and creative work that we do here in Minnesota, while making a nice bit of money on the side, raise your hand. To submit yourself as a prospective applicant send an email to the head of our fearless network stating who you are, what you do, why you rock at it, and what you think you can bring to the blog. Both the current leader of the MPLS Egotist and the head of the network will determine the new owner Hunger Games style. All applicants will remain anonymous.

    Send your email to: the@denveregotist.com

  • Poster Plays Music on Your iPhone Letting You 'Feel Flavor'

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    Herb and spice brand Schwartz is all about flavor. To demonstrate, Print Tech collective, Novalia and Grey London collaborated on this interactive poster that uses innovative ‘touch sensitive’ inks to turn the surface area of the paper into an interactive interface.

    Each herb and spice depicted in the artwork is assigned a musical chord matching its flavor characteristic. The image was then back-printed with an innovative conductive ink, giving the poster capacitive touch technology. When paired with a mobile device via Bluetooth, the poster becomes an interactive musical instrument.

  • A Living Room Transforms into a Giant Pinball Game in Heineken's New Ambient Experience

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    ‘The Sub’ is a futuristic beer draft machine designed by Marc Newson that helps you "master the game of successful hosting." Publicis Italia launched The Sub during Milan Design Week. It was placed in a well-designed living room like so many others at the event. People who dared to pull its lever triggered a transformation of the living room into a Guinness-World-Record-breaking-sized pinball game. At the end of every game, a super appeared on the pinball’s screen: ‘The Sub has emerged. Play it at home.’

  • Okay, We're Learning First Aid Now

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    And that's how you use emotion to sell. Extremely evocative. Agency: The Brand Agency, Perth.

  • Thank You Minneapolis

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    Thank you Minneapolis, Saint Paul, New York, Chicago, L.A., and everyone else for visiting the blog for the past five years. I took over the MPLS Egotist two years ago because I loved and wanted to continue what had been started by the first creator of this site: a place to showcase, talk about, and celebrate the ad and design work that is found throughout the world and especially in Minnesota.

    Thanks for tuning in and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter of this blog under the forth MPLS Egotist.

    Sincerely, Taylor Snyder - The (Former) Third MPLS Egotist

  • Lunch Break Video: An Honest Trailer for the Game of Thrones

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    "Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones" Screen Junkies

  • Lose Your Head Over Cravendale

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    This is so incredibly goofy that it just makes us smile. We love the combination of puppets and stop-motion techniques that give this such a unique look.

    "Barry the Biscuit Boy" Cravendale

    Making of: "Barry the Biscuit Boy" Cravendale


  • Now Hiring in Minneapolis: Summer Internships - Digitaria

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    Digitaria is hiring in Minneapolis, MN: Summer Internships. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

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