Little & Company

Copywriter Intern

Type of work: Internship
Location: United States
Date Posted: April 17th, 2012

We’re looking for a copywriter with lots of energy and lots of motivation to enter this industry with a bang. You need to think creatively AND strategically. You need to answer to clients: their needs, their requests, their feedback. See what it’s like to work for the money instead of the grade. And work side-by-side with seasoned creative pros who will show you how it’s done. You are not a coffee-fetching intern. You are an employee.

This is a part-time, paid position that runs June 1–September 2. We’re counting on you for at least 20 hours of work each week, with the real possibility of working up to 40 hours as dictated by deadlines. You’ll be expected to work in our downtown Minneapolis office.

How to apply:

Apply, impress us, get the job.
This is all about first impressions. You get one shot to convince us why you’re the best writer for the job. Send us an example of your creative work. Not your whole portfolio. Just one piece that demonstrates your writing chops. It can be an old assignment (which you hopefully aced) or something new you create just for us.
Rules, rules, rules:
 You must have graduated by the time the job starts
 You must have a degree or certificate in English, communications, journalism or a related discipline
 You must be a whiz on a Mac and know how to use MS Office, Keynote and Adobe Software
 You should have some understanding of digital/social media
 Applications are due by noon on Monday, April 30
 Any medium is acceptable
 Maximum size is 5MB

Send us your entry or tell us where to find it:
Post: Little & Company HR, 920 Second Ave S, Suite 1400, Minneapolis MN 55402

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