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The London Egotist caught up with Work Club's Al Amin to get the story behind their tshirtOS campaign. It's already generated a lot of buzz in London and beyond. And that's the idea: the more people that register an interest, the more likely this amazing programmable tshirt will come to market.

What was Ballantines' brief?
Make "Leave an Impression" famous digitally.

How does this brief fit into their overarching brand strategy?
It's at the top. Ballantine's want to innovate their marketing by putting ideas and products into market that truly bring their brand idea to life and make it famous.

How did you get to tshirtOS from the brief?
Ballantine's believe in personal expression, that's how you truly leave an impression. We looked at how people globally leave an impression and tried to work out ways that we could innovate this for our community.

We believe that the original canvas for personal expression is the t-shirt. Its the original canvas that allowed you to project who you were as an individual and tell the world what you think, who you like and what you do.

By injecting technology into this and connecting it to the internet through your phone, we are able give you the tools to go and leave a better, more innovative impression.

What made tshirtOS the right solution to the brief?
It's not an advertising line, a poster or a TV ad. It's a real, functioning product that people can use. It does truly allow people to 'Leave an Impression' in a new and innovative way.

What technology was used to develop tshirtOS?
We worked with Cute Circuit who already had developed their own IP in the brain. Work Club came up with the idea of making a tshirt that ran an operating system that would connect to the internet through your phone. They helped develop the product with our vision.

Who did you work with to make it happen?
Cute Circuit and Media Monks.

What was the project's biggest challenge?
Building something that had never been done before in a joint team. It's a functioning prototype but it's expensive because of all the bespoke technology.

There are a few doubters assuming it's fake. Can you prove them wrong?
Absolutely. We are releasing test films of the tshirt in action and we will also be doing interviews with blogger and TV journalists over the next few weeks.

How many countries is the campaign running in?
Global, including Mexico and Brazil.

What's the end objective?
Put a product into market that allows people to leave a more innovative impression and builds our brand stature.

Other films of tshirtOS being unleashed around the world will be released over the coming weeks, including tshirtOS being tested in Mexico City and São Paulo. The films will be available on along with further information around the project.

The ultimate goal is to create the world's first commercial digital T-shirt. As a prototype, tshirtOS is expensive, but the more interest there is, the more accessible the price will become, so if enough people want one, tshirtOS will be produced and purchasable. Interest and demand for tshirtOS is being captured at through a registration form.

“Since we unleashed tshirtOS into the world, thousands of people have said they want one. To those who haven’t registered yet, go and watch the film,” says Ballantine’s Digital Manager, Rohan Nayee.


I'm in love with the technology.. I would buy in a heart beat.

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