• Fallon Took Home Super Glue

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    We love seeing new client wins in the local community and we're excited to report that Fallon has taken home Henkel Loctite super glue. According to AdWeek Fallon, "outstripped a long list of finalists to claim a spot of Henkel's creative roster—as lead agency on the company's Loctite brand of adhesives." The other finalist agencies that were in the running included DDB Chicago, Barton F. Graf 9000, Red Tettemer + Partners, Marcus Thomas, and the incumbent, Cramer-Krasselt. Their media spending is expected to exceed $10 million next year.

    Fallon is charged with developing traditional ads, digital advertising, social media efforts, retail marketing, and events. “Loctite is in everything,” said Jeff Kling, CCO at Fallon in Minneapolis. “It holds planes together. Your phone is full of it. And yet consumers don’t know the brand. We’ll change that.”

  • Tech Tuesday: Olson Bought a Digital Agency and Revamped their Site

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    Ad agency Olson recently announced their acquisition of PulsePoint Group, an Austin-based management and digital consulting firm. The addition of PulsePoint’s strategic expertise is meant to further strengthen Olson’s well-established digital capabilities. Olson CEO John Partilla said Olson chose PulsePoint because of the caliber of the agency’s talent, a client list that includes blue-chip brands such as Toyota, Novartis and Delta Air Lines, and its proprietary tools such as the cloud-based Social Media Accelerator application, which helps marketers develop strategic social media plans to achieve specific campaign objectives. The deal pushes Olson’s total revenue past $100 million, that size ranks Olson in the top five independent agencies by digital revenue.

    To top that off, Olson also relaunched their agency website with a streamlined design that focuses first and for most on the work. Designed with mobile in mind first, the site features a carousel of short videos displaying highlights of their campaign work along with a long scroll layout. The greatest nod to their mobile focus is the streamlined simplistic desktop browser menu that is more often seen on mobile browser sizes.

    Olson's Website

  • Kids Can Now Literally Watch Santa Recieve their Unique Christmas List

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    The Canon North Pole PIXMA app created by Mondo Robot and Grey NY provides a unique and interactive experience allowing parents to help their children write, draw, or use pre-selected images to create their holiday wish digitally. Once the wish has been customized, it gets composited, in near real time, into a sharable video that shows Santa receiving their wish printed on the Canon PIXMA printer. This by far is one of our favorite Christmas campaigns yet.

    "Bringing Christmas Joy to Families" Canon - Grey NY & Mondo Robot


  • Arnold is Playing Off of Stereotypes in their Latest "truth" Ads

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    Back in May we posted one of the first spots for the truth campaign by ad agency Arnold Worldwide. Now they are back with two more truth spots in the series that play on the same theme of voting for one of the two evils presented by big tobacco.

    "Stereotypes vs Profiling" truth - Arnold Worldwide

    "1075 vs 137" truth - Arnold Worldwide

  • Tech Tuesday: space150 is Giving Away Ten Dollars to Give Away

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    For a limited time, space150 is offering $10 to social media users, giving them the choice of whether to #Give it to charity or to #Receive it themselves. Those who tweet #give to space150's Twitter handle (@space150) will have a $10 donation made in their name to Pacer Center's National Bullying Prevention Center. Those who tweet #receive will get a $10 check in the mail —though they'll also "get some grief on Twitter." The agency is promoting the initiative through their annual holiday card along with social media, flyers, and a bus-shelter ad at the corner of North Third and Washington avenues in downtown Minneapolis. It will run through Dec. 27 or when it reaches 150 tweets.

    "#Give or #Receive" space150

  • Victors & Spoils Takes the Cake for Most Unusual Christmas Card

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    Playing off of one of the many social videos that tout the evils of photoshop usage on models, ad agency Victors & Spoils spun it into a most unusual, funny Christmas card.

    "Happy Holidays from Victors & Spoils" Victors & Spoils

  • Tech Tuesday: A Local Website Paying Homage to Comedian Rodney Dangerfield

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    Joan Dangerfield, widow of comedian Rodney Dangerfield, has long envisioned a website that pays homage to his comedic accomplishments. With that in mind, Joan turned to Shine United for the planning, design, and launch of the website. The site features exclusive content from Rodney’s personal archive – from handwritten performance notes to audio of his most recognized one-liners and jokes. “His comedy was the unveiling of the great mysteries behind the common man in the everyday world,” says Joan. “He was an idealist, not simply a character but a champion of the downtrodden, and his success was proof of his theory that every man believes himself to be the underdog. Everyone laughed, because everyone identified.” To draw attention to the website, Joan is holding a sweepstakes giving away Rodney’s classic 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood. Visitors can enter from Nov. 22 through Jan. 31.

    "Rodney" Joan Dangerfield - Shine United

  • Lunch Break Video: You're a Marketing Genius

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    "The Marketers' Anthem" OpenACreative

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