• Lunch Break Video: 29 Misconceptions about Alcohol

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    Now get out there and have some fun this weekend.

    "29 Misconceptions About Alcohol" Mental Floss

  • Event Wednesday: AIGA MN Sustainable Design's "Green Drinks"

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    Join the AIGA Minnesota Sustainable Design group for good food and good company as they once again host Twin Cities Green Drinks. Each month they’ll feature a speaker and engage in lively conversations around sustainable design topics. This event is free and open to the public so RSVP now.

    They're kicking off the series with a double presentation by two winners of the 2013 AIGA (Re)design Awards:

    6:30 PM - From Polar Bears to Pythons
    Dr. Aaron Doering, professor of Learning Technologies and co-director of the Learning Technologies Media Lab at the University of Minnesota.

    7:30 PM - EPIC: Youth Farm Rebrand
    Kris Lindquist (Little) and Lauren Buckley (Olson) will share information about EPIC: Engaging Philanthropy, Inspiring Creatives.

  • What I Learned in 2013: Derek Sussner of Sussner Design Company

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    "What I Learned in 2013" is a series focused on sharing a few nuggets of wisdom from some of the top ad and design people in the Twin Cities. Here is what they've learned and what they're thinking about in the coming year.

    14 things I'm thinking about for '14:

    - Find out when the second half of the final season of Breaking Bad is going to be on Netflix.
    - Send belated Happy Holiday cards to our clients, thanking them for choosing to work with us.
    - Get better at putting my iPhone away when I'm spending time with my family.
    - Act on some really good business advice I've recently received.
    - Decide if it's important to figure out what "hipster" means.
    - Act on my renewed inspiration and excitement for the future of this industry.
    - Use the old fashioned telephone more often instead of emailing and texting.
    - Get my hands dirty with the super cool screen printing gear we finally setup.
    - Add to my collection of heavy metal concert t-shirts.
    - Figure out how to make our business more relevant, but to fewer people.
    - Read that article on how to conquer procrastination that's been on my desk for 9 months.
    - Celebrate Sussner Design Company's 15th anniversary this Summer.
    - Address the question my 8-year-old son asked me after spending a day in my office: "Dad - you went to school for graphic design, and now you run a design firm. So - all you do all day is ...email?"
    - Remind myself how fortunate I am to love my job as much as I ever have.

  • The Walking Dead's Latest Guerrilla has Zombies Grabbing at New Yorkers

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    AMC scored another victory in their latest guerrilla advertising stunt by Relevant. To raise awareness of the return of the popular show The Walking Dead, which is entering its fifth season, the agency simply placed a dozen or so zombies under the grate on a busy New York Street. When pedestrians walked by they reached out after them to give them a fright and remind them of what it feels like for the characters that are fighting for their lives on the show. Check it out.

    "The Walking Dead Zombies Prank NYC" AMC - Relevent

  • Grey London Leveraged the WTF Factor for the UK Snack McVitie's

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    It took us a few views to understand exactly what Grey London was trying to say about the English snack McVitie's in their latest campaign titled, "Sweeet." Yet, they were so weird that it captured our attention enough to realize that they were making a comparison of sweetness between the cuddly animals and the sweetness of their snack. It still doesn't totally explain the weird reaction from the kid on the possum spot though...

    "Sweeet: Possum" McVitie's Jaffa Cakes - Grey London

    "Sweeet: Puppies" McVitie's Jaffa Cakes - Grey London

    "Sweeet: Kittens" McVitie's Jaffa Cakes - Grey London


  • BBDO's Awesome GE Spot that Taps into a Childlike Imagination

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    In BBDO New York's latest brand spot for GE they emphasized the amazing things that they do as a company by looking at them through the lens of a child. Nice.

    "Childlike Imagination: What My Mom Does at GE" GE - BBDO NY

  • Lucky Charms is Going After a Social Audience with their 50 Year Celebration

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    The local company General Mills recently launched a new, heavily social campaign for their iconic cereal Lucky Charms in celebration of it turning 50 this year. To celebrate, they appear to being going after a duel audience of kids and millenials with the heavy integration of social, a tumblr page to house all of their unique shared content, and a game (and potentially larger brand play) to launch in March near Saint Patrick's Day.

    "Lucky Charms Pentatonix" General Mills

    "Evolution of Lucky Charms" General Mills

  • Colle+McVoy is Seeking Out Eight Uninterns

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    This year, local ad agency Colle+McVoy renamed their summer internship program the "Uninternship" to put an emphasis on the nontraditional thinking that is needed to do well and the fact that it won't be average in anyway. To communicate this they created a cool section on their site that brings the "hand" into the digital with the use of flipping images on an overhead projector like device. The eight positions that they're looking to fill this year include Account, Broadcast Production, Creative, Experience Architecture, Insight, Media, Project Management, and Public Relations. The deadline is coming up quick on March 7 so be sure to get your application in asap.

    Uninternship - Colle+McVoy

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