• A Phone So Powerful it Impresses Superheroes

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    It's the age old tale of boy tries to woo girl, girl meet phone, girl dates guy to be closer to phone at all times.

    "Wonderlove" Orange - Publicis Conseil Paris

  • Unleash your Inner Beast with McCoy's

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    To market McCoy's new ultimate flavor ad agency CP+B London created a spot featuring how a man's hunger can take the form of a ferocious animal.

    "Ultimate Tiger" McCoy's - CP+B London

  • Meddlin' Monday: McDonald's Fights Back in Response to Taco Bell's Ad

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    For those that don't know, Taco Bell came out last week with a brilliant ad that poked fun at the fast food giant McDonald's by asking men across the country named Ronald McDonald what they thought of Taco Bell's new breakfast menu. McDonald's fired back with an instagram post showing a huge Ronald clown towering over a little Taco Bell chihuahua paired with the copy, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

  • Mobile Apps are Stepping Up their Game in Function and Advertising

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    Remember when the only way you could find a great app was by browsing through thousands of iTunes' apps on their store? We've come a long way and below are two examples of how far we've progressed in function and marketing]. The first is Starbucks' move to retain dominance in the mobile payment arena with their revised app that has a significant easier display, the ability to tip baristas, and a simple shake to instantly pay. The second is Weather Channel's Radius which, using GPS, warns you of weather conditions as they approach your exact location.

    "Starbucks iOS App" Starbucks - Adam Patch

    "Weather Underground: Radius" Weather Channel - Iris Worldwide

  • Lots of Beautiful Cocks - Now We've Seen it All

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    Yes, this really is a chicken beauty pageant. Mind blown.

    "Ernest Goh - COCKS, Chicken Beauty Pageants" Another Beautiful Story


  • Stick Your Finger in Here

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    Last week we wrote about BBH New York's nice TV effort to get the word out about the latest version of Playstation's video game inFAMOUS Second Son. Now TBWA Belgium is out with a cool new guerrilla activation for the same game. Playing off of the theme of having magic powers that are somewhat painful, they created a giveaway box where if the consumer could stand five seconds of electrocution they got the game for free.

    "Playstation Shock" inFAMOUS Second Son - TBWA\Belgium

  • Some Nice Design Work for Whiskey Barrel Coffee's Package

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    Whiskey Barrel Coffee is wrapped in beautiful packaging and packed with a unique blend of good whiskey and great coffee. Two and a half years in the making, Espresso Smith now ages green coffee beans in authentic bourbon barrels in Colorado prior to roasting to create a coffee “the goal was not to create a whiskey flavored coffee… the goal was to create an experience that starts with coffee and finishes with bourbon.” Mind you, there’s no alcohol in the final product but the aromas are definitely present and delicious.

    "Whiskey Barrel Coffee: It's Not Your Morning Coffee" Espresso Smith

  • A Quietly Shocking Ad that will Make You Think Twice

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    Story UK recently finished up work on a PSA spot for the Scottish Government talking about the dangers of second-hand smoke at home. The work itself is strewn with surprising little known facts and an animation that will make you think twice.

    "Second-Hand Smoke" Scottish Government - Story UK

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