• Event Friday: University of WI - River Falls First Graphic Design Exhibition Opens

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    "Tarah Benson, Nicole Moscowitz, and Pakou Mua are presenting #winspiration, their BFA Degree Exhibition at the Ames Gallery at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, from October 11–28, 2013. These three students will be the first BFA graphic design graduates from UWRF. Their senior show will focus on commercial art including branding, advertising, skateboard graphics, packaging, and more. The reception will be held October 18, from 5–7pm on the third floor of the University Center at UW-River Falls. The Ames Gallery is open during regular University Center hours."

  • How to Have Fun with a "Drink Responsibly" Ad Campaign

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    When DDB New Zealand was given the assignment to create a "Drink Responsibly" campaign for Steinlager they decided to infuse a bit of personality into the work. Instead of creating a jarring, grotesque, or sad series (which we all are pretty desensitized to by now) they looked at the lighter side of consequences by playing off of the common habit of drawing on those passed out victims.

    "Drink Responsibly: Be the Artist Not the Canvas" Steinlager - DDB

    "Drink Responsibly: Be the Artist Not the Canvas" Steinlager - DDB

  • Local Ideas that Kick Just Launched Two Revamped Packaging Systems

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    Blackwood Pet Food had success with the packaging system that local Ideas that Kick created for their flagship brand two years ago that they turned to the design shop for help once again. Kick recently launched revamped packaging for two of their legacy brands, Adirondack and Makin’ Trax. Concepts for both brands were designed to appeal to owners who value “outside” time with their pets and appreciate the quality of a food made in the USA. The Adirondack packaging system utilizes nature photography to tell a story targeted at adventure-seeking pet owners, while the packaging system for Makin’ Trax targets hunters and their families. “The client’s previous packaging for Adirondack and Makin’ Trax lacked brand equity,” explains Kick brand strategist Mary Kemp. “We delivered lifestyle concepts that will stand out on shelves because they tell real, relevant stories that haven’t been over-told in pet retail.”

    "Adirondack and Makin’ Trax Packaging Systems" Ideas that Kick

  • ARTCRANK is Holding its First-Ever Bike Poster Retrospective

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    After nearly seven years and more than 40 shows in three countries, ARTCRANK will stage its first retrospective at the AIGA MN's Head, Heart, Hand Design Conference: October 10-13 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The retrospective includes 31 posters by artists from Minneapolis, New York, London, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Austin, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Denver, and Boston. Three speakers at the design conference — Jennifer Daniel of Bloomberg Business Week, Ben Levitz of Studio On Fire, and Allan Peters of Target — are featured in the exhibit. While photos of the posters have appeared on the ARTCRANK website, this is the first time that posters from multiple cities and years will be displayed together in a single event.

    According to ARTCRANK founder and Creative Director Charles Youel, the hardest part of staging the show was selecting only 31 posters from a collection that’s grown to more than 1,400 since 2007. “It’s an ideal situation in that we couldn’t make any bad choices, says Youel. “But on the flip side, there’s so much incredible work that we couldn’t include.” In the end, posters were selected according to the same basic criteria ARTCRANK uses when selecting individual artists for its live events. The only downside is that the show is only open to conference attendees. But that may be only a temporary setback, as work has already begun on a book that will feature upwards of 100 posters drawn from the show’s history. Very cool.

    A Few of the Picks Include:
    Elliott Grubb - NYC

    Kelly Munson - MSP

    Oen Hammonds - ATX

    Adam Turman - MSP

  • Two Agencies, One Product, Two Ads - Pick Your Favorite

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    Both Leo Burnett and 72andSunny recently launched spots marketing Samsung's new "Galaxy Gear." Technically Leo's is more focused on the phone while 72's is pushing the wristband; but, they're marketing nearly the same thing. Leo Burnett's is a story of a developer building a soccer field filled with singing children and multiple product feature demonstrations. While 72andSunny's was less about demos (until the last five seconds), they focused on it being a revolutionary idea told in a way that is quite similar to how Apple marketed their first iPhone. Ok, it's almost a complete rip off; but, we're curious is there one that appeals to you more?

    "The Developer" Samsung Galaxy Gear - Leo Burnett

    "A Long Time Coming" Samsung Galaxy Gear - 72andSunny

  • Fashion Advertising is Shifting Towards the Conceptual

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    We normally know a fashion ad when we see one. If its a young brand it has quick cuts, pumping music, and a few risque shots. And if its not as cutting edge it's filling with long sweeping shots and dramatic backdrops. A bit expected at this point. Yet, in two recent campaigns that we've come across, for Luis Vuitton and Ted Baker London, there has been a distinct shift with the infusion of interaction and concept.

    In Luis Vuitton's "Spot the Difference," which is less conceptual but quite interactive, they feature a room spinning to the verses of the Yayoi Kusama poem "Love Forever" while viewers are invited to literally spot five differences between the two films. Those that can the quickest have a chance at earning some free product. In Ted Baker's campaign, which is infused with a bit of concept and humor, we follow their new spokesman the "Street Winker" as he teaches us how to fashionable, goes on odd adventures with his lady friend, and makes sloppy men dress their age.

    "Spot the Difference Film 1" Luis Vuitton

    "Spot the Difference Film 2" Luis Vuitton

    "Street Winker: How to Fold a Pocket Square" Ted Baker London

    "Street Winker: How to Pick a Lock" Ted Baker London

    "Street Winker: How to Dress Your Age" Ted Baker London

  • The Lacek Group Recently Rebranded Themselves with Legos

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    The Lacek Group recently revamped their identity and redesigned their logo mark. To help highlight it, while having a bit of fun, they created a stop motion video build of them constructing the mark out of legos. The intricate plan required 2584 blocks, including 370 red, 521 orange, 702 grey, and 991 white.

    "TLG New Brand Building" TLG

  • Jonathan Chapman's Latest Short is a Love Story titled, "Memory"

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    Memory is the latest short from local photographer and director Jonathan Chapman. The work explores the relationship between a young couple amid the natural setting of Los Angeles' Runyon Canyon. The project was very loosely scripted with subtle direction give to the subjects. Edited by Nathaniel Schmidt, the visuals are presented as a non-linear narrative leaving room for interpretation by the viewer. The goal was to evoke pure natural emotion without a script. Check out the list of creative credits after the jump.

    "Memory" Jonathan Chapman

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