• Sir Richard is Fighting a Human Virus with a Computer Virus

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    AIDS is losing media coverage because infection rates have dropped in most countries; but, the fight is far from over because multiple countries like Haiti still have AIDS as a major public health threat. So Sir Richard's Condom Company wanted to put AIDS back on the agenda by spreading the KORE message, with the help of Loducca, to fight AIDS in the same way that AIDS spreads: with a virus. A computer virus for the good.

    "Kore Virus" Sir Richard's Condom Company - Loducca

  • Tech Tuesday: Westwerk Redesigned their Agency Website

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    Local studio Westwerk started their business in 2005 specializing in Wordpress-based website design work and producing branding, print, and digital work. After a spout of success at their company, and driven by their love of design, they expanded their digital offering and continued to dabble in traditional design work. Now Westwerk just launched a really nicely done new agency site that positions them as a digital leaning design agency with an expertise in large scale WordPress builds while their portfolio showcases some of their great traditional work right alongside their well known digital pieces. Take a look at their portfolio, it certainly is worth a gander.

    Westwerk Agency Website

  • Lunch Break Video: How to Fight a Baby

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    Gavin McInnes, co-founder and creative director at Rooster NY, is back with more helpful tips for the modern man. Since being uploaded, “How to Fight a Baby” has racked up more than 9 million plays. While it’s not McInnes’ funniest video, it’s perhaps his cutest.

    "How to Fight a Baby" Gavin McInnes

  • Event Thursday: AIGA MN's "Cocktails with Creatives: Members’ Meeting"

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    You’re all invited to join the AIGA MN for their Cocktails with Creatives get together which is being held in conjunction with the annual Members’ Meeting this Thursday, December 5 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. This will be an informal gathering to ask questions or discuss your ideas with the board of directors. Learn more about the activities of the board and the state of the chapter, or give them your suggestions for chapter activities. AIGA Minnesota is 100% volunteer run – so they really do value all of your input and feedback. Get all of the event details right here.

  • An Original Way to Market a Short-Term, Short Film Festival

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    A fun, weird little spot for the Outbox International Short Film Festival in Beirut by ad agency Leo Burnett.

    "The Forest" Outbox International Short Film Festival - Leo Burnett Beirut

  • Our Favorite Holiday Campaign of the Season is from Harvey Nichols

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    Kudos to Daniel Fisher and Richard Brim of adam&eveDBB who managed to persuade Harvey Nichols to break through the holiday cheese clutter and subvert the spirit of the season with their "Sorry, I Spent It On Myself" range. It constitutes a series of throw away presents (think a bag of gravel or some toothpicks) with an explanatory apology that the giver had splurged their Christmas cash on the person who really matters at this time of year – themselves. There’s also a great ad by the agency and a video by James Day which lampoons saccharine festive ads by showcasing these mundane offerings over a sickly sweet Silent Night instrumental.

    "Sorry, I Spent It On Myself" Harvey Nichols - adam&eveDBB

    "Sorry I Spent It On Myself Gift Collection" Harvey Nichols - adam&eveDBB

  • Target went Very Promotional in their Latest Slew of Holiday Ads

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    Every retailer has their own unique mix of inspirational versus promotional spots for the holidays and this year Target, and their agency 72andSunny, have gone a lot more promotional for the season. What do you think of the shift?

    "Santa Catcher" Target - 72andSunny

    "First Go" Target - 72andSunny

    "Tree for All" Target - 72andSunny

    "Unwrap" Target - 72andSunny

    "Facebook Thanks" Target - 72andSunny

  • Hands Down the Best Campaign for a Car Wash Ever

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    We don't often come across full on ad campaigns for car wash companies; but, we're loving this one out of Canada for Hughes Car Wash by TAXI.

    "Bacon Underwear" Hughes Car Wash - TAXI

    "The Internet?" Hughes Car Wash - TAXI

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