• Sean OBrien's Sweet Photo Doc of Minnesota Bikers

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    Local freelance designer and art director Sean OBrien has been working on a sweet personal project most of the winter titled, "HIBERNATION." The piece is a photo documentary about how motorcyclists survive the long winter with their bikes on blocks and tenders. Sean was inspired to do this because, being from San Francisco most recently, this is his first winter as a Minnesota resident and the first time he has not been able to ride his motorcycle everyday. There is even more sweet stuff on his site so be sure to check it out.

    "HIBERNATION" Sean OBrien

    Pictured: Heather & Pete

    Pictured: Jim McClarty

    Pictured: Christian Dunn

    Pictured: Steve Weigel

  • Now Hiring in Denver: Digital Producer - Cactus

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    Cactus is hiring in Denver, CO: Digital Producer. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Lunch Break Video: Learn Dothraki Just in Time for the Game of Thrones

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    "How to Speak Dothraki (90's Muzzy Parody)" Nacho Punch

  • Event Friday: MPLS Creative Mornings with Drew Gneiser

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    Drew Gneiser is the social media manager at Feed My Starving Children, where he coordinates content, teaches, and writes stories about the work being done domestically and internationally. FMSC is a fast-growing, Christian non-profit that provides nutritious meals to clinics, orphanages, schools, and missions in nearly 70 countries around the world. Meals, just 22-cents each, are funded by donors, and packed by volunteers at seven sites plus a nationwide MobilePack program. A few things Drew believes in: the power of storytelling, the ability of people to change the world, saying thank you, breaking rules, learning lots, reading books, and studying a craft that you’re passionate about. Check it out and register for your spot at the event.

  • BBH NY's Epic, Live-Action Ad for the inFAMOUS Second Son Video Game

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    Sony PS4's wildly successful, exclusive game inFamous Second Son is coming out with their third iteration and they hired on BBH New York to get the word out. The agency ended up pulling out all the stops with a truly epic live-action spot that gives the game's theme a cool, gritty realness that appeals to even out team (a group of non-gamers). The spot “depicts a locked-down city of Seattle where the superhuman protagonist, Delsin Rowe, fights back against the oppressive Department of Unified Protection (DUP).” Rowe is depicted in the ad by a somewhat passable lookalike in his trademark red cap, trailed by the DUP. Very cool.

    "inFAMOUS Second Son" Playstation - BBH NY

  • space150's Fun New March Madness Campaign for Buffalo Wild Wings

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    Local digital shop space150 recently launched a large new digital campaign titled, "Fandamentals" promoting March Madness at Buffalo Wild Wings. The work follows the recently introduced, popular TV character, Coach. "Coach is a throwback to a simpler time. He’s from an era before the size of an athletes’ contract were only surpassed by their egos (or rap sheets). Coach values teamwork, hard work, but never guesswork (especially when it comes to filling out your brackets)." space150 generated a responsive site featuring a series of as-seen-on-TV instructional videos. Subject matter covers everything from how to watch a bunch of games at the same time, celebration techniques, tournament terminology, and beyond.

    "Fandamentals" Buffalo Wild Wings - space150

    "Celebration Success" Buffalo Wild Wings - space150

    "Multi-task Training" Buffalo Wild Wings - space150

    "Cinderella Spotting" Buffalo Wild Wings - space150

    "Winning Gracefully" Buffalo Wild Wings - space150

  • Honey Maid's Radical, Politically Charged Spot "This is Wholesome"

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    Honey Maid's ad agency Droga5 took what local company General Mills was doing with Cheerios and agency Zeus Jones was doing with Betty Crocker to promote modern families in a healthy way and raised the bar one step further. Not only did Honey Maid showcase loving families with two gay dads, a single father, and a military father; but, they created a spot specifically focused on how each family works from their perspective. We certainly are embarking on an interesting time in advertising where brands are taking a cue from the millennial consumers that they're going after and taking a stand for progressive values.

    "Honey Maid Documentary: Dad & Papa" Honey Maid - Droga5

    "Honey Maid Documentary: Team of Two" Honey Maid - Droga5

    "Honey Maid Documentary: Time Away" Honey Maid - Droga5

  • E*TRADE Baby Quits!

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    E*TRADE has used the successful "E*TRADE Baby" campaign for so long that it has become background noise during commercial breaks. In an attempt to revitalize the baby, or perhaps the agency trying to kill it off, they released a new spot showcasing the introduction of a talking cat and the baby making a proclamation of quitting.

    "E*TRADE Baby Quits!" E*TRADE

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