• Lock Up Your Guns (And Dildos)

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    This is just too good.

  • Best. Résumé. Ever.

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    Brennan Gleason is a genius.

    Gleason, a designer from British Columbia, took an unconventional approach by showcasing his skills and qualifications on his homebrewed blonde beer, aptly named Resum-Ale.

    And, lo and behold, it landed him a job.

  • Job Updates

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    All kinds of awesome job openings have been posted within the last week or so.

    Take a look at the whole list here: www.themplsegotist.com/jobs

    In short, here's some of most recent highlights...

    - Community Blueprint is looking for a Graphic Designer/Project Manager.

    - Wingnut Advertising is looking for a Copywriter/Art Director team.

    - KW2 in looking for a Junior Copywriter.

    - ILLUME Candles is looking for a Creative Manager.

    - Riley Hayes is looking for Project Manager.

  • Saturday Soundtrack: #Pride Edition

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    With Pride in full swing, we felt we'd feature a little ditty to kick this weekend off right.

    Happy Pride Weekend, y'all!

  • #32Under32 Winners

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    How about a huge pat on the back to following folks who won big at last night's 32 Under 32 Advertising Awards?

    We'll be featuring interviews with some of the winners in the upcoming weeks, but for now, here's a list of the local up-and-coming big shots. Way to make Minneapolis proud!

    Elyse Ash, Clarity Coverdale Fury, Sr. Copywriter

    Liz Gardner, Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine (MSP Communications), Design Director

    Sarah Brehm, Carmichael Lynch, Account Manager

    Carter Jensen, Flash Companies, Founder

    Eric Hansen, space150, Copywriter

    Justin Barrett, 3e The Life Time Agency, Director of Digital Strategy

    Nora Purmort, Life Time Fitness, Senior Manager of Social Media

    Danny Olson, Weber Shandwick, Director of Digital

    Tricia Leanger, The Lacek Group, Digital Account Executive

    Taylor Snyder, Fallon, Senior Art Director

    Spencer Johnson, Sota Clothing, Founder

    Bryan Ische, Modern Climate, Senior Art Director

    Kelly Holley, Fallon, Strategic Planner

    Alison Beattie, Fallon, Lead UX Designer

    Amee Tomlinson, Jabber Logic, Co-Founder and CEO

    Greta Hughes, Carmichael Lynch, Account Manager

    Ellery Luse, Fallon, Strategist

    Joanna Ehresman, Wealth Enhancement Group, Vice President of Marketing

    Kiera Jacobson, Target Creative, Copywriter

    Allie Eide, Compass Point Media (Campbell Mithun), Media Strategist

    Carolyn Ahlstrom, Colle+McVoy, Senior Brand Planner

    Holly Spaeth, Polaris Industries, Supervisor of Marketing Communications

    Madeline Koch , MN Dept of Employment and Economic Development, Director of Communications

    Laura Fitzpatrick, Carmichael Lynch, Brand Strategist

    Erin Simle, Fallon, Senior Integrated Producer

    Dave Reidinger, Modern Climate, Copywriter

    Bridget Nelson Monroe, Bellmont Partners, Director of Digital and Social Media

    Shannon Rossini, Stonearch, Account Supervisor

    Ben Johnson, Life Time Fitness, Art Director

    Joe Anderson, KNOCK, Design Director

    Miles Marmo, Marmo Digital, Digital Strategist

    Cory Vandenberghe, Caribou Coffee, Digital Marketing Manager

  • Facebook vs. Fakebook

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    Is this real life?

  • Fresh Meat Friday: Derek Bressler

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    Finally, it's Friday. Which means we're about to share another top young creative from the Twin Cities area.

    If you or a greenhorn you know have roughly between 0–5 years of professional experience and a fantastic book, please let us know at mpls@theegotist.com. Cool? Super.

    Meet Derek Bressler.

    He's a recent grad from Concordia in St. Paul and has absolutely no idea what his future holds. (This is a safe place, Derek. No judging. We promise.)

    Derek's all about chasing big opportunities and working hard. Real hard. And what we like most about Derek is that he knows he can always get better. He's a lifelong learner. Never content. Always pushing for more.

    But really, in the end, he's just hoping he doesn't end up shacking up in his parent's basement for the rest of his life. Aren't we all?

    Now, on to his work.

    Fowler Wine Labels

    Designed to pay homage to the two things that inspire the Fowler winemaking process: science and art. This love fuels a high level of craftsmanship and drives an attention to the details of making something by hand with care.

    The labels themselves draw from the ideas that guide Fowler wines by combining a “field journal” style of bird and fruit illustrations with an artistic watercolor wash. These design decisions also help to establish a system by which one can easily identify the different varieties of wine.

    Orca Typeface Design

    Orca is a postmodernist, display typeface inspired by the way letterforms are created with a brush tip. It has minimal stroke weight variations and a relatively high x-height. This project started as an assignment and is still being expanded upon as a personal project.

    Brew Share

    Brew Share is a venue where local and small-batch craft brewers can share their products and ideas. Brew Share is a unique platform that combines the reach of social media, with the funding power of crowd sourcing and the stability of a membership system.

    Check out Derek's full work here: http://derekdbressler.com

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